Safety Directors Have Spoken: Footwear Struggles You Might be Having

Episode 55

Safety Directors Have Spoken: Footwear Struggles You Might be Having

A survey sent to safety directors has narrowed down the top struggles workers have with their protective footwear. Listen along as Editor Sydny Shepard and Vice President of Marketing at Warson Brands discuss the results of the survey and more.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: Everyone should be getting 10,000 steps a day. For some, that is a hard to reach goal as their jobs rely on desk work or other types of sedentary tasks. For others though, such as individuals in the manufacturing or construction industries, getting 10,000 steps just requires them to work a portion of their 8-hour shift, making feet tired, sore and possibly leading to chronic conditions. These industries also present numerous tasks that can bring harm to feet such as slips, trips and falls, crushing injuries and more.

So, it is pretty easy for me to say, our feet are the unsung heroes of our mobility and sometimes an overlooked or misunderstood part of any safety program. It is often said that without comfortable foot protection, a worker is risking their safety every day.

On this episode, I am joined by Brent Jennings, Vice President of Marketing at Warson Brands to talk with us all about foot protection from the perspective of a safety director. Warson Brands sent out a survey last year asking for the most pressing issues with safety footwear programs and employees’ struggles with safety footwear as well as the biggest needs for them and their employees going forward.

In our interview, Brent and I get into the results of this survey. What elements are most important in work footwear? What are the biggest problems that make compliance with safety footwear difficult? How can a safety director be sure they are recommending the right footwear for workers? Listen along to find out.

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Warson Brands offers a portfolio of six national brands and over 400 styles of safety footwear for men and women. We have been in the occupational and military footwear business since 1988. We design and engineer footwear for nearly every occupation on the planet. With us, designing and crafting occupational and duty uniform footwear isn't just a sideline, it's our passion, our one and only business.

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Sydny Shepard is the Editor of Occupational Health & Safety.

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