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GHS and the Status of the New SDS

This FREE GHS webinar will provide you with an update on the current status of the new Safety Data Sheets and other GHS changes or additions, and we will also explore some ideas that can be implemented in your workplace to ensure your employees can work more safely with hazardous materials.

Duration: 1 Hour

Protection from the Unexpected – Hidden Dangers for Electric Utility Workers

Join us for this FREE webinar, as we take a closer look at the arc flash event and how exposure can cause serious injuries. We will explore current standards and ways to mitigate the potential injury through the proper use and care of arc rated PPE.

Duration: 1 Hour

Worker Fitness: Wellness meets Health Surveillance

In this FREE webinar you will learn: How can you track and follow-up on potential health concerns to ensure that workers are fit enough to perform their jobs safely?

Duration: 1 Hour

New Technology in Lab Safety: Flame-Resistant, Chemical-Splash Protection

In this webinar, Workrite Uniform Company discusses their latest safety innovation — a lab coat featuring Nomex® IIIA fabric and Westex® ShieldTEC, a proprietary, chemical-splash resistant technology.

Duration: 1 Hour

2016 Confined Space/Fall Protection Update

ADOSH Construction Update with emphasis on confined spaces and fall protection.

Duration: 1 Hour

Marijuana Legalization: Trends & Hot Topics

This webinar will underscore trending in laws as well as products, use, and outcomes that impact us all.

Duration: 1 Hour

Increase Ad Performance to Grow 2016 Revenue

Join our free webcast outlining how our added-value advertising studies measure ROI and drive increased profits and market share.

Duration: 1 Hour

Should Your Workers be Wearing Cut-Resistant Sleeves?

Not sure if your workers should be wearing sleeves? Find out by tuning in for our informative webinar.

Duration: 1 Hour

The New Era of Change Agents for Occupational Safety: Strategies to Ensure Safer Workplaces

This informative session will help you effectively transform your existing processes into a tool that helps identify intrinsic change agents.

Duration: 1 Hour

OSHAlogs Recordkeeping Tips, Tricks and Common Mistakes - Intermediate Level

Costs: $99/per attendee
Join Dustin Boss as he discusses this online course, Learn the tips, tricks and common mistakes that every employer needs to know.

Duration: 90 Minutes