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Avoiding the Statistics: What You Can Do to Avoid the Thousands of Hand Injuries in the Oil and Gas Industry

What You Can Do to Avoid the Thousands of Hand Injuries in the Oil and Gas Industry

Duration: 1 Hour

Accountability Switch: Key to Sustainable Safety Program

This informative webinar will help you discover how you can effectively arm yourself and your organization with the tools needed to encourage “accountability by choice”.

Duration: 1 Hour

Preparing your Organization for NFPA 70E 2015

This webinar is geared towards all businesses regardless of industry and will focus on the NFPA 70E updates for 2015 as well as some useful tips on how to best implement these updates into your organization.

Duration: 1 Hour

Health & Safety: Breaking Down the Silos - Intermediate Level

Costs: $99/per attendee
Join Dustin Boss as he discusses this online course, which is geared toward seasoned safety professionals, will explain how this problem arises, how to expand safety’s role, and the bottom-line and operational benefits gained by several national employers who implemented process improvements.

Duration: 90 Minutes

VPP Status – Continuous Process Improvement through Contractor Prequalification

In this session we will explore prequalification options which address risk mitigation, stakeholder concerns, program integration, and the dynamic nature of compliance - while at the same time tangibly improving efforts in continuous process improvement.

Duration: 1 Hour

How much is your FR garment costing you really

Join us as we uncover the real costs of owning an FR Garment and talking through some of the solutions to meet your needs and help you save money in the long run.

Duration: 1 Hour

By the Numbers: The facts and figures you need to know about fall protection

The presentation will expand to include training and inspection requirements and show how decision-makers can use hard-hitting figures to make the workplace a safer environment for everyone.

Duration: 1 Hour

Hugh Hoagland Presents: NFPA 70E 2015 Changes and Challenges

NFPA 70E 2015 Changes and Challenges

Duration: 1 Hour

Breathe Easy! Respiratory Protection Programs

This webinar covers various aspects of OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Program requirements.

Duration: 1 Hour

Fall Protection…OSHA’s Expectations & Reality

This webinar will briefly highlight important aspects of a few of those regulations within the realm of general industry and construction, but will mainly cover complying with the construction rules and their real world application.

Duration: 1 Hour