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New Standard for High Visibility and How it Applies to Gloves.

The new ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 now includes high visibility standards for optional accessories – gloves, arm/leg bands and headwear/hoods. Learn what to look for, what it means and how to stay safe at work during this FREE Webinar.

Duration: 1 Hour

Occupational Medicine Providers, How to Maximize The Impact Of Your Investment

The goal of this FREE webinar is to discuss the dynamics that have led to change in the occupational medicine industry and to provide perspective of what you should consider in selecting new service partners to help you with your employee health initiatives.

Duration: 1 Hour

OSHA Compliance Update: New Injury Reporting Anti-Retaliation Rules—Are You Prepared? Advanced Level

Costs: $99/per attendee
Join Dustin Boss as he discusses this online course, Learn the tips, tricks and common mistakes that every employer needs to know.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Contractor Prequalification from the Contractor's Perspective: A Case Study with ADA Carbon

Tim Whatley, Corporate H&S Director at ADA Carbon solutions, will provide insight from the contractor's perspective and share their journey to qualifying their own contractors.

Duration: 1 Hour

Hugh Hoagland Presents: Lessons from Accident Investigations for Electrical Safety

This session will delve into several public incidents to gain insight on how to prevent the incident or mitigate worker injury in potential electrical shock and arc flash incidents.

Duration: 1 Hour

Contractor Construction Safety: How to Ensure It

This webinar will discuss the state of contractor prequalification programs from different perspectives, and new regulations and standards that should be considered by both construction “owners” and contractors.

Duration: 1 Hour

Confined Space: Issues and Clarification of OSHA Confined Space Rescue

In this webinar, we will discuss confined space rescue, the issues employers face when rescue personnel is not properly trained or equipped, and the importance of having an onsite in-house trained rescue team or third party industrial rescue team, or combination of both, rather than relying on the local fire department.

Duration: 1 Hour

5 Strategies for a Future Ready Health and Safety Program

In this webinar, we address the top areas to focus on to jump start a future-ready health and safety program to improve your organization’s overall safety performance, reduce risk and achieve excellence.

Duration: 1 Hour

Integrating Workplace Health and Safety for Business Results

This FREE Webinar will share recent research that examines organizational factors that can facilitate or inhibit the integration of health, safety, and wellness into unified programs.

Duration: 1 Hour

OH&S and VPPPA Present: Preventing Dangerous Falls From Heights

Conducting a site fall protection hazards assessment, identifying program requirements and steps for developing written and training programs.

Duration: 1 Hour