On Demand

Safety Initiatives in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

This free webinar will explore different initiatives in the upstream oil and gas industry that address worker safety (Safeland, STEPS Network, Hazard Alerts specific to upstream oil and gas, the silica initiative, OSHA Alliances, the OSHA/UTA Conference, industry initiatives, etc.), and will cover statistical data on injuries and fatalities, both recent and historical.

Duration: 1 Hour

FR PPE Standards – Compliance vs Certification

Join the free discussion to learn how employer compliance and FR PPE certification standard requirements are related, yet different in the scope to provide worker protection.

Duration: 1 Hour

Eye Injury Prevention: Let’s Take a Closer Look

This free one-hour webinar will provide an overview of eye anatomy, eye protection strategies, the applicable OSHA standards, and personal protective equipment choices.

Duration: 1 Hour

“Boomeranging”: Strategies for Revitalizing an Aging Workforce - Advanced Level

Costs: $99/per attendee
Aging workforces are here now - and becoming more so in many companies throughout the world.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Contractor Safety Beyond Compliance - Modeling OSHA’s recommended best practices for contractor management

This free presentation provides the audience a look at OSHA’s Recommended Practices for Safety/Health Programs. As a high level overview, OSHA is providing 30 years of best practices, via a management system approach that companies can incorporate to build their own comprehensive safety/health management system. The audience will hear how they can adopt OSHA’s 7 core elements to use as an assessment process for evaluating their contractors.

Duration: 1 Hour

Assessing the Risks of using Alternative Methods to Lockout/Tagout

This free webinar will discuss the ANSI method of justification or practicability analysis of using alternative methods, and examines the risk assessment process using several ways of qualifying the severity and frequency of exposures.

Duration: 1 Hour

NFPA 350: A New Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work

This webinar will provide an overview of the information provided within the standard and will explain how it can be used to support an existing confined space entry program.

Duration: 1 Hour

The Hidden Costs of Your Employees' Poor Health and What You Can Do About It

This FREE webinar will review the connections between employee health risk and the direct and indirect costs borne by the employer.

Duration: 1 Hour

Creating an Electrical Safety Program, Why It’s Important

This FREE webinar will cover the HOW and WHY of creating such a program, the topics to consider, and the steps that must be taken to ensure worker safety. Jay and David will discuss how to update your existing program, problems to look for, and tips on keeping it ongoing in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Duration: 1 Hour

Change is Good: How Managing Change Can Reduce Risk & Improve Your ROI

Join Medgate and ERM in this FREE webinar, where we will discuss the basics of change management and how to apply it to a broader scope of processes in order to better control risk, ultimately contributing to your company’s bottom line.

Duration: 1 Hour