On Demand

Leadership Keys For Energizing Safety Performance & Culture - Advanced Level

Costs: $99/per attendee
This webinar provides both practical strategies & methods for actually raising and sustaining Safety energy, enthusiasm, interest and engagement.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Moving from Lagging to Leading Indicators to Improve Safety Performance

This free webinar, led by Sphera Solutions, explains how you get started with leading indicators; what are some of the key challenges getting to this next level of analytics and what data, analysis and expert resources are required.

Duration: 1 Hour

The Opioid Epidemic and Its Impact On the Workplace

This free webinar will address the opioid epidemic from the perspective of employers who wish to maintain safe workplaces and conduct drug and alcohol testing.

Duration: 1 Hour

NFPA 70E: Are You Compliant or Safe?

In this free webinar, you’ll gain insights into NFPA 70E 2018 Arc Flash PPE requirements. You’ll learn there is a difference between being compliant and being safe, one is required the other is your responsibility

Duration: 1 Hour

Results of the Newly Released AGA Fire Study and Takeaways for Fire Hazards in YOUR Industry

During this free webinar you will learn how the findings from a newly released American Gas Association (AGA) Fire Study can be applied to your workplace and heat/flame hazard assessments.

Duration: 1 Hour

Managing Respiratory Protection Programs - The Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) Administrator

This free webinar, is designed for individuals who may design, develop, implement, administer and sustain a respiratory protection program. It will help participants develop and maintain a respiratory protection program that complies with all state and federal regulations.

Duration: 1 Hour

How Onsite Innovations Brought Occupational Hearing Conservation In-House for a Major Food & Beverage Company

Join us for this free 1-hour webinar where we will discuss how Onsite Innovations – the in-house medical clinic for the food and beverage company -- partnered with SHOEBOX Audiometry to bring their Occupational Hearing Conservation program in house.

Duration: 1 Hour

Common Occupational Health & Safety Pitfalls in The Utilities Sector

Join us for this free webinar discussion of some occupational health and safety pitfalls common to all utilities, together with some tried and true solutions to proactively minimize the impact of these pitfalls in your organization. The webinar is geared toward the intermediate level Utility EHS Professional, and will be led by the Administrator of the American Society of Safety Professionals’ Utilities Practice Specialty, Ms. Connie Muncy, MS, CIH, CUSP, REM.

Duration: 1 Hour

A Two Degree Future

Governments, industry groups, and the scientific community have developed policies, targets, and goals to provide a pathway towards a low carbon economy. What does this mean for your company and how can your organization be part of this movement? Join UL EHS Sustainability for this free webinar in looking at different ways you and your company can be part of this 2 degree future.

Duration: 1 Hour

Effective Hazard Communication for Transforming How Workers Understand Chemicals

In this free webinar you will learn to communicate to understanding, making your program more effective, and your employees more involved.

Duration: 1 Hour