On Demand

Construction Safety Update: 2017 Data and Interventions from CPWR

This free webinar will review recent fatal and nonfatal injury and illness information and resources for prevention, with an emphasis on falls, silica and noise.

Duration: 1 Hour

How are Innovative Technologies Affecting your Workplace Culture

In this free webinar, we will explore the safety implications of adding technology into the business model, new hazards around technologies, establishing a new way of thinking, and understanding what it takes to create a learning culture.

Duration: 1 Hour

Building and Implementing an FR Program for the Arc Flash Hazard

In this free webinar, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the regulations, standards and program implementation “best practices”, including detailed information on layering for arc flash protection.

Duration: 1 Hour

Task-Based vs. Daily Wear AR/FR Clothing Programs

In this free webinar we’ll explain the pros and cons of both types of programs, including initial costs versus longer-term cost, liability, and productivity.

Duration: 1 Hour

Into the Weeds: Marijuana’s Impact on Occupational Health

In this free webinar, we will explore this legal and societal change and look at how it impacts the workplace.

Duration: 1 Hour

Selling Safety to Leaders – Beginners Level

Costs: $99/per attendee
This session will empower and show safety professionals how to transform their company leaders into champions of safety by speaking the language of finance and understanding the drivers behind the decision-making process.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Beat the Heat: An Intro to Heat Stress

In this free webinar you will learn: » Signs and symptoms of the most common heat-related illnesses » How to prevent and treat heat-related illnesses » The importance of hydration » Why maintaining optimal body temperature matters » How to select the most effective products available for countering the heat

Duration: 1 Hour

Safety Initiatives in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

This free webinar will explore different initiatives in the upstream oil and gas industry that address worker safety (Safeland, STEPS Network, Hazard Alerts specific to upstream oil and gas, the silica initiative, OSHA Alliances, the OSHA/UTA Conference, industry initiatives, etc.), and will cover statistical data on injuries and fatalities, both recent and historical.

Duration: 1 Hour

FR PPE Standards – Compliance vs Certification

Join the free discussion to learn how employer compliance and FR PPE certification standard requirements are related, yet different in the scope to provide worker protection.

Duration: 1 Hour

Eye Injury Prevention: Let’s Take a Closer Look

This free one-hour webinar will provide an overview of eye anatomy, eye protection strategies, the applicable OSHA standards, and personal protective equipment choices.

Duration: 1 Hour