Plant Engineering

CRC Industries Inc.


CRC's new Rust Converter is a paint-like formulation designed to deliver fast, complete conversion of rust to a paintable, non-penetrable black primer in one easy step. Apply with a brush, roller, or paint sprayer to any rusted metal surface and in less than 30 minutes, a protective film will develop.

    Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC.


    Rubbermaid Commercial Products' new Double Capacity Janitor Cart and Triple Capacity Cleaning Cart are designed to offer flexible configurations to make waste collection more efficient and support green facility maintenance. Options include zippered, leak-proof, color-coded recycling bags that are offered in blue, red, and green with the universal recycling symbol; high-capacity storage; tool organization; and more.

      CINTEC America


      CINTEC's new Blast Window Retention Anchor Systems offer a customized solution for each application and masonry substrate in order to provide maximum resistance to explosions. Following an inspection, the structure is modeled to assess the most likely response and risk inherent to it in order to determine the best reinforcement pattern.

        Cooper Bussmann Inc.


        Cooper Bussmann's new Cooper InVision™ Downtime Reduction System is designed to reduce downtime and increase productivity by quickly identifying open-circuit events caused by short circuits and overloads. When a circuit opens, the maintenance staff is automatically notified by phone, e-mail, or fax of the circuit's exact location, which replacement fuse to bring, and the appropriate level of PPE.