Plant Engineering

CRC Industries Inc.

Electronics Cleaner

CRC's new Contact Cleaner 2000® VC features C® technology that is designed to remove contaminants from electronic equipment. Effective as an alternative to HCFC 141b-based cleaners when sensitive plastics are not a concern, the non-flammable cleaner has no Class I or Class II ozone-depleting chemicals.

    Photovac Inc.

    VOC Detector

    Photovac's new 2020ComboPRO photoionization detector for VOC detection features an easy-to-read display that provides simultaneous measurements of real-time, peak, TWA (time-weighted average), and STEL (short-term exposure level) readings. Accurate benzene measurements can be performed with the addition of the optional benzene pre-filter tube.

      The Lincoln Electric Company

      Manual Electrodes

      Lincoln Electric's Excalibur® stick electrode line is designed for consistent starting, quick puddle creation, and reduced porosity. Typically applied to structural steel, bridges, piping, fittings, and tie-ins in the petrochemical and power generation industries, this product allows all-position welding of mild steels, and some high-strength, low-alloy steels.

        Air Cycle Corp.


        The OSHA- and EPA-compliant Bulb Eater® is designed to crush more than 1,000 fluorescent lamps and pack them into a 55-gallon drum.The process is fully enclosed and filtered, keeping glass, aluminum, and harmful vapor contained.

          Allegro Industries


          Allegro Industries' complete line of eyewear-cleaning products includes the Deluxe Low Profile and the Economy Low Profile metal,wall-mounted refillable cleaning stations; large and small disposable cardboard stations; and a Plastic Disposable Cleaning Station. All styles come with an anti-fog, anti-static solution and lint-free tissues.

            Mil-Ram Technology Inc.


            Mil-Ram's new gas detection, digital modbus rack mount controllerTA-2048MB features a 48-channel system with three separate 16-channel modbus networks.The device has both local and remote power supply options; low, mid, high, and faultrelays; and a backlit 16-characters-by-two-lines LCD display.

              The Dow Chemical Co.

              GLASS STABILIZER

              The Broken Glass Stabilizer™ from The Dow Chemical Co. uses a proprietary, patented technology that allows users to seal voids in the building envelope in seconds with spray-on polymeric foam. The water-resistant and weather-tight, impact-resistant seal secures glass in seconds, reducing the risk of injury and providing an alternative to plywood fabrication.

                NOTIFIER, part of the Honeywell Life Safety Group

                ALARM PANEL

                NOTIFIER's new NFS-320 intelligent fire alarm control panel is UL 864, Ninth Edition listed and is specifically engineered for small applications. Using exclusive technologies that minimize installation time, speed up alarm response, and simplify maintenance and usability, the panel is part of the ONYX® series and supports up to 318 intelligent devices (159 sensors/159 modules) on one Signaling Line Circuit (SLC).

                  Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.

                  FACILITY MANAGEMENT

                  Lutron Electronics' new Quantum™ whole-building light and energy management solution is designed for use by corporate offices, schools, universities, and other facilities. The system gives building owners and managers total control of the lighting system, as well as the ability to configure, monitor, analyze, and report on the lighting and energy data it collects.

                    HEMCO Corp.

                    CHEMICAL-RESISTANT HOOD

                    HEMCO's new UniFlow CE laboratory fume hood is constructed of composite resin for chemical resistance and can be supplied with or without an exhaust blower in standard or explosion-proof models. These hoods are offered in 30-, 36-, and 48-inch widths and can be equipped with a wide selection of accessories to meet your specific process need.