Plant Engineering



MSA's Ultima XL/XT series gas monitors are engineered to provide HART Field Communications Protocol running over a 4-20mA output. The units feature convenient setup, calibration, diagnostics, and sensor disconnect under power within a small and practical design. Remote displays can be viewed through a portable hand-held communicator, host DCS, or laptop.

    Carlton Industries L.P.


    Carlton's new, repositionable "Mighty Tape" floor tape uses a rubber-based adhesive that allows users to lift and reposition the tape without a loss of stickiness. It is designed for warehouse environments and other high-traffic areas that need to be reconfigured easily according to the needs of the business.

      Rescom Sales Inc.


      The Rescom® Modular™ is a high-performance communications system designed to provide intrinsically safe, full-duplex, hard-line communication in confined space and rescue. The system meets all OSHA permit-required confined space entry safety standards and can support two to 10 people for up to 210 hours while operating on three AA batteries.

        80/20 Inc.


        80/20's T-slotted aluminum framing system, "The Industrial Erector Set," now stocks 20 new lift-off hinges with unique features designed to add more flexibility and functionality to applications requiring hinged elements. Common leaf thickness, height, and mounting hole dimensions are shared across all six series, easing transitions from one to another.

          Rescom Sales Inc.

          CABLE REEL

          The SED Cable Reel with electrical connection is designed to provide compact storage and quick deployment of up to 1,000 feet of communication cable in rugged working conditions. Three connectors on the reel let users connect right to the unit. Belt anchors allow for hands-free operation by securing the cable to a worker's clothing.



            Shat-R-Shield's new line of fluorescent, safety-coated UV/Germicidal lamps emit specific high-output UV (ultraviolet) radiation that destroys bacteria, viruses, spores, and molds. In the event of accidental breakage, the lamp's coating will contain virtually all glass and lamp elements and allow for hassle-free replacement with no dangerous broken glass to clean up.

              Kimberly-Clark Professional


              Kimberly-Clark Professional's easy maintenance, high-capacity KIMCARE* ALL-N-1 Skin Care System is ideal for use in plants, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial locations. The replaceable soap system provides a clean, filled, disposable dispenser that "clicks" and mounts onto a universal bracket. When soap is depleted, the entire unit is replaced. All dispensers are disposable.

                Draeger Safety Inc.

                THERMAL IMAGERS

                Draeger's UCF 1600 and 3200 Thermal Imaging Cameras are designed for use in harsh operating environments and are fully protected against heat, water, dust, and major shocks. The cameras provide clear, detailed images in smoke-filled environments and come in two transparent color operating modes for high and low temperature ranges.

                  Environmental Support Solutions (ESS)

                  SAFETY MANAGEMENT

                  ESS Safety Solution is designed to ensure consistent OSHA recordkeeping, lower worker's compensation costs, identify workplace hazards, define and develop safety practices, track liability claims, and manage employee safety training activities. Its fully integrated, Web-enabled platform can be used from any location, anytime. Booth 1181.

                    3E Company®

                    ONLINE MANAGEMENT

                    3E Company's new online Compliance Research and Analysis Data module is a regulatory compliance tool that is designed to provide instant Internet access to U.S. federal, state, and local hazardous materials reporting requirements on a location-specific level. The module can be integrated with the award-winning 3E Online® MSDS offering, providing a central access point for hazmat information needs. Booth 1042.