Plant Engineering

OMNI/ajax Inc.

Mercury Spill Kit

OMNI/ajax Inc.'s redesigned Mercury Magnet™ mercury spill kit is tailored to multiple industries, including health care, safety, maintenance, janitorial, and natural gas/electric utilities. Its magnetic amalgamation powder reduces the risk of mercury exposure by forming a non-vaporizing solid that is easily picked up with a magnetic hand tool.

    Capital Safety

    Wireless Tracking

    Capital Safety's i-Safe 2.0 upgrade is designed to make managing a safety program even easier and more cost effective. Engineered in response to customer feedback, the wireless data collection system consists of a Web portal for easy information management and a mobile device for on-site inspections.

      Westcott Distribution Inc.

      High-Performance Pump

      Westcott Distribution Inc.'s GoatThroat Pumps have been certified to meet stringent, new worldwide regulations aimed at reducing or eliminating materials that are hazardous to the environment. The pump uses high-performance materials, including Moplen polypropylene from Basel, Viton ® from Dupont, and Santoprene from Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES).

        BASF Crop Protection

        Low-Volume Insecticide

        PTM™ low-volume insecticide from BASF's Crop Protection division is designed for application during or shortly after planting for maximum protection. The product is applied at 21 fluid ounces per acre and must be injected into the soil at least three inches below the ground into the rooting zone of each tree.

          Staubli Robotics

          Heavy-Payload Robots

          Stäubli Robotics' new heavy-payload robots, the TX200 and TX200L, are designed with load capacities ranging from 100kg to 130kg and have a maximum reach of 2,194 to 2,594 millimeters. Additionally, the robots have six degrees of freedom, feature a fully enclosed structure, and are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

            Omron Scientific Technologies Inc.

            Safety Terminals

            Omron Scientific Technologies Inc.'s DST1-XD0808SL-1 Safety I/O terminal supports six safety inputs and eight safety outputs (semiconductor output), and is capable of storing simple logic. The terminal allows local outputs to be directly controlled by local inputs, giving the user a maximum response time of 18.7 ms.

              Draeger Safety Inc.

              Bump Test Station

              The printer/interface for the new Draeger Bump Test Station from Draeger Safety is designed for logging daily functional tests of gas detection devices within 10 seconds. The device allows for quick tests and documentation of items, such as verification of calibration, functions of alarms, alarm settings, and more.


                Confined Space Rescue

                SafeWaze, an Aearo Technologies brand, unveils its newest rescue and retrieval system, the SafeWaze Kinetic Confined Space Rescue System. Lightweight, modular, and expandable, the system is designed to simplify transport and setup for quick rescue response. Its universal davit arm fits a range of bases to meet specific needs.

                  Industrial Scientific Corp.

                  Docking Station

                  Industrial Scientific Corp.'s new iTrans™ DS2 Docking Station™ is designed to increase equipment reliability; decrease safety concerns; and automate calibration, record-keeping, and instrument diagnostics for fixed-point gas monitors. All units can be part of a new gas monitor installation or retrofitted to existing installations.


                    Rechargeable Lantern

                    Qorpak, a division of All-Pak Inc., announces its launch of the Sunlite GX1 Class 1, Division 1, rechargeable lantern. The device has been engineered to provide 12 hours of continuous run time for professionals working in hazardous applications, including utility companies, laboratories, chemical and industrial facilities, and more.