Plant Engineering

Sky-Trax Inc.

Mobile Data System

Sky-Trax Inc.'s Skan-Free™ is a mobile automatic data collection system powered by image processing technology. Without the use of handheld bar code scanners, clip boards, or data entry terminals, the device is intended to be an alternative to RFID systems used for pallet identification and data collection.


    Gas Sniffer

    RIDGID® debuts the new Micro CG-100™, a combustible gas sniffer designed to quickly and accurately detect gas leakage. Made for users who work in maintenance, utility, plumbing, or HVAC, the sniffer features Tri-Mode Detection™, which alerts the operator with a visible signal, audible alarm, or silent vibration.


      Drum Vac

      Nilfisk CFM's GWD 255 Drum Vac is a drum-top vacuum that fits both 30- and 55-gallon drums, allowing users to recycle drums that are abundant in most production plants. Powered by two independent bypass motors, the vacuum is available with many options, including a float chamber and washable cartridge filter.

        Allegro Industries

        Storage Line

        Allegro Industries' storage unit line includes a large selection of storage and wall cabinets, such as the corrosion-resistant Dual SCBA Wall Case. Also available are defibrillator bags designed for transport and storage that feature a double zipper for easy access and a padded divider to adjust the size of cargo area.

          Jenny Products Inc.

          Sprinkler Compressors

          Jenny Products' complete line of fire sprinkler stationary compressors is designed to load sprinkler lines with compressed air rather than water, preventing rust issues and frozen pipes. Twelve models are available, each in base-plate- and tank-mounted configurations, ranging in capacities from 220 to 2,115 gallons of air.


            Facility Management

            Eaton's Power factor correction equipment is designed to lower energy costs by supplying reactive power to loads such as HVAC, motors, and elevators. The reduced energy loss minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, decreases energy consumption, and extends equipment life through improved power.

              Accuposture Systems Ltd.


              Developed through four years of design, 16 prototypes, and extensive field testing, the new Adjus® series of height-adjustable workstations features state-of-the-art ergonomic designs to help reduce worker injury and enhance productivity. Each of three different configurations yields a 26.5-inch range of motion in as little as two seconds.

                Nilfisk CFM

                Vacuum Brochure

                Nilfisk CFM's 22-page brochure provides detailed information and color photographs of the company's full line of industrial vacuums and features a two-page photo spread highlighting a range of industry clients. In addition, the brochure includes an extensive selection of vacuum accessories, attachments, and hoses, including vacuum-assisted power tools.

                  Streamlight Inc.

                  LED Flashlight

                  Streamlight Inc.'s brightest LED flashlight ever, the Super-Tac™, features ne™ LED technology designed to provide a light source that is three times brighter than standard LEDs. The flashlight is ideal for a wide range of professional tasks that require extreme brightness and long running times.

                    GE Consumer & Industrial

                    AC DRIVES

                    The new AC drives from GE Consumer & Industrial--theAF–60 LP™ Micro Drive,the AF–600 FP™ Fan & Pump Drive, and the AF–650 GP™ General Purpose Drive--a redesigned for cost-effectiveness and performance and can be set up in less than five minutes with GE's Quick Menu.