September 2010

September 2010

  • DEFIBRILLATORS & CPR: Going Global with an AED Program
  • FIRE/LIFE SAFETY: Emergency Mass Notification for All
  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY: IAQ and Worker Productivity
  • TRAINING: Accessibility through Design
  • 2010 SAFETY CONGRESS: Sailing to San Diego
  • ERGONOMICS: Re-Engineering for Older Workers
  • LOCKOUT/TAGOUT: Achieving Compliance in Large Companies
  • BEHAVIOR-BASED SAFETY: Complacency -- The Silent Killer
  • DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Planning Before It's Too Late
  • DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: New Standards Guide Flashlight Selection
  • FACILITY MANAGEMENT: Put Walkway Auditing to Good Use
  • FOOT PROTECTION: Reality-Based Foot Protection

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Cover Story

Establishing and maintaining a global volunteer emergency response team is a big investment. But there is no question that it is the right thing for a company to do.

Going Global with an AED Program

By Penny Angeli

As defibrillator programs are required in more and more countries, our proactive approach ensures that we're aware of all the local requirements.


Hurricanes cause widespread destruction, and Sandy disrupted landline phone and cell phone communications when it affected the mid-Atlantic states in October 2012.

Planning Before It's Too Late

By Cindy Horbrook

Ninety-one percent of businesses surveyed in 2007 by The Ad Council said it is "very" or "somewhat" important to take steps to prepare for a catastrophic disaster. Yet many companies fail to prepare.

The only way to determine the attenuation level for a given subject is with a fit test system.

Fit Testing: Questions and Answers

By Lee D. Hager, Pegeen Smith

Many users in a group may obtain values close to the labeled NRR, but a substantial portion typically do not. The only way to determine a person's attenuation level is with a fit test system.

Safety Sets Sail to San Diego

By Laura Swift

Top federal safety officials will discuss the Obama administration's OSH vision and how their agencies are implementing it. Many sessions focus on driver and transportation safety.

foot protection

Reality Based Foot Protection

By Linda J. Sherrard

"Employees forget, don't care, get uncomfortable, and take it off at break or lunch. My job is to keep them safe from themselves all day."

Put Walkway Auditing to Good Use

By Michael Fraley

You need to be proactive in floor safety. Walkway audits play a key role in establishing due diligence and in preventing slips and falls.

New Standards Guide Flashlight Selection

By Dawn Dalldorf-Jackson

Professionals now can rely on a uniform rating system when evaluating lighting equipment.

Make sure you research the correct devices and locks for your facility before ordering.

Achieving Compliance in Large Companies

By Jimi Michalscheck

Finding the correct frequency for auditing the program is one of the key elements in ensuring long-term success.

IAQ and Worker Productivity

By Robert Kravitz

Better air = better performance.

"We are under CSA right now and have been for the past two years," said Don Osterberg, Schneider National Inc. senior vice president of safety, driver training, and security.

The CSA 2010 Rollout

By Ronnie Rittenberry, Jerry Laws

Motor carriers are coming to grips with the new federal safety measurement system. They've seen several changes in it already.

Complacency -- The Silent Killer

By Larry Wilson

It causes many problems, but the biggest or worst is that it leads to "mind not on task."

Emergency Mass Notification and Fire Alarm Systems for All

By Wayne D. Moore

Both the hearing and those who are hearing impaired must receive the same message, and it must be specific, consistent, certain, clear, and accurate.

A sound-level meter, as shown in this Casella USA photo, is a hand-held device that allows a competent third party to take measurements at the ear of a worker with the instrument pointing at the noise source.

The Use of Noise Dosimeters in the Workplace

By Bob Selwyn

Margin of error should be accounted for and the worst-case scenario measurement taken as the reading, particularly when close to an action level.

Accessibility through Design

By Annie Bixler

Creating e-learning-based training programs for people with disabilities is not very difficult if you follow basic guidelines.


We Can't Quit

By Jerry Laws

It appears we simply won't give up our phones.

How Safety Fits with Sustainability

By Mike Taubitz

If we continue to focus on the tactical issues and play "safety cop," we will impede efforts to suggest safety is truly a foundation for sustainable growth.

Keeping Safety Leadership Moving Forward

By Robert Pater

Stopping to admire yourself quells momentum forward; becoming overly self-satisfied is one of the biggest enemies of moving ahead.