Workplace Safety Training Survey Finds Companies Struggle with Finding Effective Methods

Companies are still struggling to find time to train employees on workplace safety. Others can’t verify if their training programs are effective.

A new study on, “The State of Workplace Safety Training” has found that of companies struggle to find time for training and nearly a third can’t verify if their programs are effective. Even with a company’s best efforts to provide training, over half of responders said they still have employees who don’t follow workplace safety protocols on the floor.

The survey results, released by Intertek Alchemy, shows a comprehensive analysis of methods, effectiveness and deficiencies companies face when it comes to worker safety. The results show that the biggest workplace safety training challenges were scheduling time for training (59.1 percent), verifying effective training (31.1 percent) and retraining, remediation or refresher training (23.7 percent).

The survey found from the nearly 1,100 respondents representing 4,400 worksite facilities that companies providing at least 20 hours of annual safety training are 68 percent more likely to have employees following safety protocols on the floor. The survey also showed that companies using site-specific photos or videos in training courses are two times more likely to have employees “very engaged” in their safety training.

Based on the results of the survey, technology plays a large part in more effective safety training. Companies using a learning management system provide 30 percent more training refreshers and reinforcement while other companies using interactive audience response training technology are 58 percent more likely to verify if a specific employee understood their training.

Overall, nearly a third of all respondents believe that productivity would rise by at least 50 percent if workers followed their workplace safety program consistently.

Find this survey in full at this link.

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