OH&S SafetyPod: Your FR/AR Questions — Answered: Weather Preparedness

Episode 22

OH&S SafetyPod: Your FR/AR Questions — Answered: Weather Preparedness

Westex by Milliken's Scott Francis stops by the podcast to answer your most commonly asked questions about FR/AR PPE in different weather types.

I am so pleased to bring you another episode on the topic of FR/AR PPE. A couple weeks ago we did an informative episode on hygiene in relation to FR/AR PPE which sparked even more questions on the topic. So, Scott Francis was kind enough to join me to answer some of the biggest questions in relation to FR/AR PPE in inclement weather, including wearing layers, incentivizing employees to wear their PPE correctly and we even talk a little bit about adding patches or employee logos to FR/AR garments. 

Scott Francis is the technical sales manager for Westex by Milliken and has been an active participant in the safety industry since 1991. Scott has extensive experience in the performance of protective apparel fabrics and protective apparel programs and frequently addresses trade associations and groups regarding electrical arc and flash fire hazards, prevention of body burn injury and the protective performance of FR fabrics. Scott is a proud participant in a number of organizations including the Edison Electric Institute, National Safety Council-Utilities Division and Pulp and Paper Safety Association.

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A special thank you to Westex by Milliken:

The industry leader in FR/AR fabric, Westex® by Milliken® is committed to educating and safeguarding workers who face a range of life-threatening thermal hazards. Find out how Westex engineers the most innovative FR fabrics to provide unprecedented levels of protection and comfort—and guarantee they remain flame resistant for the life of the garment. To learn more, visit: www.westex.com/ohs.

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Sydny Shepard is the former editor of Occupational Health & Safety.

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