OSHA’s Wildfire Preparedness and Response Page

Even though summer might be coming to an end, wildfire safety and preparedness is important all year long. Make sure you brush up on your company’s plan for wildfires, especially in high-risk states like California, Colorado and Texas.

Wildfires are common disasters that can spread quickly, especially in dry conditions. OSHA and NOAA worked together on a public education effort to improve people’s preparedness and response to wildfires.

Data shows that the frequency of wildfires has increased exponentially since 1980. Texas and California in particular have seen the brunt of this increase. You can check out this article’s chart to see where your state ranks in terms of wildfire risk and frequency.

Luckily, OSHA’s Wildfire Page is a great tool for workers and employers to prepare for a wildfire and protective themselves.

The Preparedness page “provides information on evacuation plans, safety zones around buildings, and equipment to have on hand in case a wildfire occurs. Preparing plans in advance can help workers get to safety before a wildfire impacts an area and can also help protect personal property.”

The Response/Recovery page “details hazards that may be present in areas affected by wildfires. These include safety hazards, such as unstable structures; heavy equipment and slips, trips, and falls, as well as health hazards such as heat stress, hazardous materials, carbon monoxide and other respiratory hazards.”

You can also check out the additional resources OSHA provides for wildfire response from a number of groups including the CDC, NIOSH and the American Red Cross.

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