Demo by Fire Sprinkler Coalition Showcases Home Fire's Rapid Spread

Members of the South Dakota Fire Sprinkler Coalition hosted a live burn/fire sprinkler demonstration at the Central States Fair in Rapid City in 2016. The demonstration proved what research has confirmed: Today's furnishings and modern building materials are made differently and burn faster than its older counterparts, according to NFPA, which hosted this video on its YouTube page in August 2016.

MSA G1 Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera

The MSA G1 Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera offers true personal thermal imaging integrated directly into the G1 SCBA. In this 2016 video, you will see the benefits of the Integrated TIC, including using the G1 integrated rechargeable battery, a large clear LCD screen, and the ability to have the TIC come on every time the G1 SCBA is powered up.

Airbus ROPS: Landing Within the Runway Length in All Conditions

Airbus' patented Runway Overrun Prevention System (ROPS), certified for the company’s A320, A330, A350 and A380 families of aircraft, increases pilots' situational awareness during landing, reduces exposure to runway excursion risk, and if necessary, provides active protection. This 2016 video explains how ROPS aids crews in making safe landings.

California Highway Patrol -- CALEA

Excellence is not just about where you are, where you've been, or what you've accomplished. It's about where you're headed and who's by your side when you get there. This California Highway Patrol video discusses CHP's accreditation through CALEA and this year's reassessment process. The video expresses the commitment and standards the CHP shares with CALEA and exemplifies its continued promise to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of California.

Studies of Panicking Crowds Help Shape Building Evacuations

How can you survive the crush of a crowd? Imagine you're stuck in a crowd. Suddenly it panics - you have to think quickly to avoid the crush. What's your best strategy for survival? In this episode of the AXA Research Files, Science Presenter Greg Foot learns about Mathematical Engineer Nikolai Bode's groundbreaking research into crowd behavior in states of panic and sudden evacuation. Watch it now for some surprising advice that could save your life!

UL Tests Lithium-Ion Battery on Hoverboards

Fires and explosions from the hoverboard primarily occurred from the lithium-ion batteries, so UL adopted a coordinated safety strategy and reviewed materials and components by looking at the product's electrical system as a whole. Electrical tests such as the overcharge and overdischarge tests assess the electrical system safety, this UL 2016 video explains. The Li-ion battery is relatively safe but, with the billions of batteries used around the world on a daily basis, it is inevitable that some failures will occur. UL's work is aimed at helping to reduce the number of those failures.

The Future of Automation is Happening Now at Volvo

For the first time ever, Volvo will demonstrate its self-driving truck for a broader audience, a solution the company believes will ultimately revolutionize the mining industry. The future of automation is happening, according to this May 2016 Volvo video.

How Are Pipelines Constructed?

Learn about the pipeline construction process and the maintenance of pipelines in this Kinder Morgan June 2016 animated video.

Designed to Move a Nation

Freight rail moves vast quantities of the raw materials and finished products that make modern life possible: food, water, shelter, clothing, energy, technology, and much more. By working with trucks and barges, trains help move 54 tons of freight for each of us in a single year -- connecting goods across the country and around the world. Learn more at

USDA Disaster Nutrition Assistance Programs

USDA Food and Nutrition Service assistance programs help those who struggle day to day to put food on the table. Through its disaster nutrition assistance programs – USDA Foods for congregate and household feeding and D-SNAP - FNS, in coordination with its federal, state, local, and non-profit partners – it is also able to provide short-term nutrition assistance to individuals, families, and communities recovering from disasters.