In this June 2016 video from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, NFL star Jason Pierre-Paul tells CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye about a fireworks incident that changed his life and why Americans should let only experienced professionals handle fireworks.

We Are Petzl: Access the Inaccessible

"Petzl's mission is to create innovative solutions, tools or services, that help people progress in vertical or dark environments. Our goal is to continuously strengthen our expertise in these two areas. Its reason for being resides in the idea of 'accessing the inaccessible,' a notion that lies at the heart of daily life for vertical and rope access professionals. This determination means a constant search for solutions to your needs in terms of performance, ergonomics, comfort and reliability. Your needs in the field are the first consideration in our approach to design and manufacturing. This is the way we have worked for forty years." -- Paul Petzl, President, CEO

Deb Is Shining a Light on Sun Protection

A survey reveals that only 18 percent of outdoor workers always wear sunscreen at work, and Deb is looking to change that. Deb Group is proactively campaigning to raise awareness of the risks associated with UV exposure to those who spend a significant amount of time outside as part of their job. For more information, visit

Warming Up Before Workouts

This LA Fitness video explains the importance of warming up your body prior to beginning your exercise routine. For more fitness and workout tips, visit

DynAMo: Honeywell's Next Generation Alarm and Operations Management

Discover Honeywell's next-generation Alarm Management solution with fully integrated Operations Management components. DynAMo, designed from the ground up, delivers operations integrity through better plant safety, availability, and compliance throughout your enterprise.

Anti Fog Face Shield Testing Revised

Hugh Hoagland and his team from e-Hazard went to Louisville Processing and Cold Storage to conduct a series of experiments on anti-fogging technologies in face shields. The experiments were conducted in the facility's Cold Room, a controlled environment of -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 Celsius). The experiments shown in this May 2016 video were a simulation of workers using Personal Protective Equipment for arc flash protection in an extreme cold work environment.

Building Envelope Performance Testing

UL provides a complete suite of testing services for windows, curtain walls, and all commercial and residential building enclosure products. This 2016 video by the company shows the testing process.

Know Your Nailer: Nail Gun Safety

Nail guns are widely used on many construction jobs, especially in residential construction. While they boost productivity in some situations they may also cause tens of thousands of painful injuries each year. By using a nailer in full sequential mode, many of these injuries can be prevented. For more information on nail gun safety: NIOSH Nail Gun Safety: Straight Talk about Nail Gun Safety:

MSA Latchways WinGrip AIO

This 2016 MSA Safety video shows its WinGrip All-in-One fall protection system in use by aircraft manufacturers. The video illustrates how the product is used.

WHO: Zika Virus Questions and Answers

What is Zika virus? What are the symptoms? Should I avoid traveling? How can I protect myself and my family from Zika virus? This 2016 WHO video features Erika Garcia, a Pandemic & Epidemic Diseases epidemiologist with WHO, answering questions about the Zika virus.