3M Virtual Reality Demonstration Video

This 2017 video from 3M is a demonstration of virtual reality safety training.

ATSB Investigator Recorder Specialist

Investigator Laura Henwood talks about her role as a recorder specialist at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

New NFPA Training Takes the Guesswork Out of Sprinkler Plan Reviewing

Rick Tustin, Winchester (MA) Fire Department, and Paul Cheever, Revere (MA) Fire Department, discuss the challenges of sprinkler plan reviewing and how a new training by the National Fire Protection Association addresses the challenges. For more information, visit

Ansell EN374 Regulatory Update

Catch up on the latest EN 374 Regulatory Updates with this short video - click below.

An Emergency Engine Cut-Off Switch Device Can Save Your Life

An engine cut-off device is a proven safety device used to stop the boat's engine should the operator unexpectedly fall overboard when the boat hits a wave, wake, takes a sharp turn, runs into a submerged object, suffers steering failure, and more. Phyllis L. Kopytko shares her story and the importance of always taking the time to use an Emergency Engine Cut-Off Switch Device.

Bamboo: Ford's Future Solution Toward Eco-Conscious Vehicles

Bamboo is one of the world's strongest natural resources. According to Janet Yin, Materials Engineering Supervisor at Ford's Nanjing Research & Engineering Centre, and her team of engineers, it could be the future solution to producing high quality, eco-conscious vehicles.

DARPA: 'Thin-Air Specialist'

In this July 2017 DARPA video, Dr. Troy Olsson, a program manager since 2014 in the agency's Microsystems Technology Office, describes progress on vanishing materials that can keep sensitive electronic components out of adversaries' hands; unmanned air vehicles that can deliver provisions and then just disappear; massive miniaturization of low-frequency antennas for underwater radio communication; and stand-alone sensors that require almost no power at all yet for years remain vigilant to sounds, radio signals, and other environmental signals of interest to warfighters.

Introducing DuPont™ Tychem® 2000 SFR

Tychem® 2000 SFR coveralls provide protection against a multitude of inorganic acids and bases as well as a range of industrial cleaning formulations. In the event of a flash fire, Tychem® 2000 SFR coveralls won’t ignite, and won’t contribute additional burn injury if appropriate FR apparel is worn beneath.

Boeing Displays Strong Showing at Paris

In addition to its exciting 737 MAX 9 flying display, Boeing announced orders and commitments for 571 commercial airplanes worth $74.8 billion at list prices during the 2017 Paris Air Show. Also on display at the show were the company's Boeing P-8 Poseidon, CV-22 Osprey, CH-47F Chinook and AH-64D, and the 787-10.

Time to Redefine your COMFORT ZONE. HyFlex®

Industrial workers are looking for gloves that can do the job without getting in the way. For those seeking to redefine their comfort zones, the HyFlex 11-93x series offers the lightest weight, cut resistant plus oil repellent gloves.