Emergency Shower/Eyewash



Speakman Co.'s SE-573 is a swingdown eye and face wash that is activated when the user pulls the unit downward into a horizontal 90 degrees over a sink basin. The unit supplies a 3.9-gallon-per-minute flow of water at 30 psi, creating effective flow and pressure for proper eye and face decontamination.

    H.L. Bouton Co. Inc.

    Emergency Equipment

    H.L. Bouton Co. Inc. introduces a new line of Bouton Emergency Equipment. The product line includes shower and wash units to meet any emergency situation, eye and face wash units, combination stations, and shower and drench hoses. All of these units meet ANSI Z358.1.

      Hughes Safety Showers

      Tank Shower

      Hughes Safety Showers Ltd.'s 1200 liter Tank Shower is designed to maintain water at a safe temperature, especially in hot climates. If the water temperature exceeds a safe level, employees could be injured through scalding. Hughes manufactures a range of tank showers with thick insulation, integral chiller units, and reflective sun shields.

        H.L. Bouton Co. Inc.

        Emergency Equipment

        H.L. Bouton Co. Inc. unveils its new line of Bouton Emergency Equipment. The line includes shower and wash units designed to meet any emergency situation, plus eye and face wash units, combination stations, drench hoses, and more. All units meet ANSI Z358.1.

          Bradley Corp.

          Drench Shower

          Bradley Corp.'s new SpinTec™ drench shower meets all ANSI and EU standards for emergency drench equipment and is designed to deliver an even distribution of water. The shower's unique shower pattern rinses at a high velocity resulting in faster removal of hazardous contaminants from the affected user.


            Eyewash Station

            Bradley's On-Site® Gravity-Fed Eyewash station is now designed to be easier to fill, assemble, and transport for hassle-free relocation. Bracket clamps hold the tank securely to the pedestal, and the connection between the tank and pedestal is fully sealed.

              Sperian Protection


              Sperian's latest portable, sealed-cartridge eyewash station, the Fendall 2000™, was designed exclusively for the company's new sterile saline emergency eyewash solution to form a 100-percent sterile delivery system. The device features sealed nozzles and tubing that remains sealed until the unit is activated and an activation alarm to signal that someone is in need of help.

                Haws Corp.

                PORTABLE EYEWASH

                Haws' ANSI Z358.1-2004-certified Model 7501 portable eyewash features a gravity-fed design with a fold-down arm that activates water flow automatically. Its compact, 9-gallon tank and high-efficiency irrigation heads provide a full 15 minutes of flushing time at 0.4 gallons per minute. The patent-pending device comes with a wall-mounting bracket and a bottle of anti-bacterial additive.

                  Encon Safety Products

                  HEATED EYEWASH

                  Encon's new Heated Aquarion® is designed to add freeze protection to its previous model; it incorporates an insulating blanket and a 120VAC internal heater thermostatically controlled to 50° Fahrenheit (10° C). Like its predecessor, the device is easily installed and simple to maintain, and its changeable fluid bags remain pure for two years from date of manufacture.

                    Bradley Corp.

                    COVERED EYEWASH STATION

                    Bradley's new "dust-free" Opti-aid® bottled eyewash station is engineered to repel dust and prevent further contamination to the eyes. The device features a static-resistant, curved dust cover that keeps the top of the eyewash bottle clean and ready to use. Bottles are available in 16- and 32-ounce sizes and are dual-sterilized and safety sealed with a tamper-evident cap for the user's protection. Booth 1318.