Emergency Shower/Eyewash

Guardian Equipment Co.


The G5046 dual-purpose eye wash/drench hose unit by Guardian Equipment is ideal for locations where space is limited but safety is a necessity. The wall-mounted device features a retractable coiled hose that keeps the unit compact and ready for trouble-free activation.

    Haws Corp.


    Designed for the most demanding applications, the Haws Model 7270BT wall-mounted eye/face wash features a round 11-inch, green high-impact ABS plastic receptor and twin Feather-Flo ABS eye/face wash heads, which are also featured on the Model 8325 combination shower and eye/face wash, along with a matching 10-inch ABS plastic showerhead.

      FSI North America


      FSI North America's Safety Tank Shower features a stainless-steel, hollow section frame supporting a 350-liter (92.5-gallon) or 800-liter (211.3-gallon) capacity stainless steel header tank with pre-insulation, tight-fitting tank lid, overflow, and twin 3/4" ball valves for rapid filling. Incorporating a large (250mm diameter) drench shower rose supplied via a full bore valve and actuated by a rigid stainless-steel pull handle mechanism, all in stainless steel to guarantee reliable operation and long product life. The unit is fitted with emergency safety shower and eyewash signs with standard and green and white safety stripes to aid visibility, as well as a walk-on platform operation to the shower in galvanized steel with stainless steel fittings and linkages for reliable operation, low maintenance, and long product life. A panic bar also supplied.