Are you in compliance with your safety training? Learn how to document and track safety training to achieve regulatory compliance.

Health, Safety, and Environmental Professionals can spend significant time trying to manage compliance with training requirements. They know that all employees should receive appropriate safety training on an on-going basis, but the volume of training requirements and employee turnover can make this process difficult and time consuming. By using simple, easy to use, software to track, document, and remind employees and supervisors of training requirements you can achieve 100% safety training compliance.

Join us at this technology Webinar and learn more about how IndustrySafe Safety Management Software allows you to track training activity and compliance. The software is easy to use and cost effective to implement. IndustrySafe Safety Software offers robust features for multiple locations to document, track, analyze and remind employees and supervisors of training activity and requirements.

Hear from existing IndustrySafe clients how IndustrySafe software has helped their entire organization to track, report, and document training activities to achieve safety training compliance.

Register now to join us for a webinar on March 17th, 2011 to learn how to achieve safety training compliance.

March 17, 2011
TIME: 2:00PM (EST), - 11:00AM (PST)


Clare Epstein, Vice President of TRA, Inc.
Clare Epstein is responsible for sales and marketing efforts of IndustrySafe Safety Software. She has assisted clients in implementing IndustrySafe to track and manage safety training activity.

Craig Walsh, Environmental and Safety Manager, Ardagh Group (formerly Impress USA)
Craig Walsh has worked closely with TRA, Inc. in implementing IndustrySafe Software to track safety training and compliance at the Ardagh Group. The Ardagh Group’s North America division supplies a wide range of two and three piece cans and ends mainly to the pet food and seafood markets throughout the USA and Canada

Thomas Hough, Health, Safety, and Environmental Director, Doyon Universal Services
Thomas Hough has worked closely with TRA, Inc. in implementing IndustrySafe Software to track training activity for Doyon Universal Services. Doyon Universal Services provides security, food service, housekeeping, and facilities management services to work sites throughout Alaska and elsewhere in the USA.

Duration: 1 Hour