Food Safety

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  • Michigan Food Manufacturer Will Stop Production After Repeat Food Violations

    Home Style Foods, Inc. has agreed to discontinue selling food products until the company complies with federal regulations and other standards.

  • USDA Making Hog Slaughterhouse Jobs More Efficient—And Less Safe

    A new rule proposed by the USDA to increase line speeds and reduce government inspections at U.S. hog slaughterhouses will likely cause increased workplace injuries and higher risk of foodborne illness.

  • WHO Marks World Food Safety Day

    "Every country around the world, from small to big, from rich to poor, has suffered from foodborne illnesses, and Europe is no exception. The scale of the challenge posed by foodborne disease is striking, indicating the importance of preventing and mitigating risks to food safety," said Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO's regional director for Europe.

  • FDA Issues New Draft Guidance to Aid Voluntary Recalls

    FDA said the guidance builds on 18 months of improvements to its recall processes that have resulted in more timely information being available to consumers. Examples include alerts, advisories, or consumer warnings related to products such as pre-cut melon associated with an outbreak of Salmonella infections and recalled vegetables, drugs, homeopathic products, and test strips for home-use monitoring of Warfarin.

  • CDC, Others Investigating E. Coli Outbreak

    Cases have been identified in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia as of April 4. The investigation includes infections recently reported by the Kentucky Department of Public Health, which announced March 29 that 20 Kentuckians had tested positive with a strain of E. coli O103.

  • IAEA Hails New Cuban Lab's Capability

    Naturally occurring ciguatoxins are responsible for ciguatera poisoning, responsible for tens of thousands of seafood poisoning cases every year. The new lab will provide analytical services to other countries in the region, as well.




  • Not All Imported Products Sold as 'Supplements' Are Safe

    Health fraud scams are everywhere, but underserved populations—including those with limited English ability—are often more vulnerable than others. This 2016 FDA video educates consumers about the most common health fraud scams and alerts them to seek medical advice. The video is available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Korean. For more information, visit

  • Dow Smart Flexible Packaging

    Smart flexible packaging means more value and less waste. Busy lifestyles and a growing urban population mean an increase in demand for food that is fresh, healthy, convenient, and fast. Flexible packaging has become part of our daily lives. Increasing food production efficiency and addressing waste has become a major priority. At Dow, we are committed to developing innovative flexible packaging solutions. We help our customers develop cost-efficient solutions to increase product protection, shelf life, and consumer convenience while using fewer natural resources and creating less waste.

  • Everyday Heroes: Banquet Chef

    In this fall 2015 Grainger video, see how Chef James Katurakes, the executive chef for Centerplate, gets the food prepared and staged for 10,000 people at the Orange County Convention Center. He hasn't had the same day twice in 20 years but 99.9 percent of the time he finishes his day feeling great!