May 2012

May 2012

  • CONSTRUCTION SAFETY: Safety at the One World Trade Center Project
  • HEARING PROTECTION: Listen Up: Training Older Workers
  • VISION PROTECTION: The Whole Package
  • WELDING: Beating the Heat (and Humidity)
  • DEFIBRILLATORS & CPR: How Much Does Feedback Help?
  • TRANSPORTATION SAFETY: Instituting Comprehensive Risk Management
  • EMPLOYEE GIFTS & INCENTIVES: Hands Off 274(j)!
  • EMPLOYEE GIFTS & INCENTIVES: Motivating and Promoting Safety
  • SAFETY 2012 PREVIEW: The 'Bear' Necessities
  • DISTRIBUTOR UPDATE: Eliminating Silos at Airgas
  • DISTRIBUTOR UPDATE: Grainger Moves Fast on Mobile
  • CHEMICAL SAFETY/MSDS: Beyond SDS Compliance
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Cover Story

May 2012

Safety At the 1 World Trade Center Project

By Dwayne Carter

A multi-layered program uses innovative practices and “checks & balances” to achieve the highest industry standards.


While not all older adults have hearing loss, the likelihood of noise-induced hearing loss and other hearing impairment increases as we age.

Listen Up: Training Older Workers

By Theresa Y. Schulz, Robert M. Ghent Jr.

The first thing we think of with respect to accommodations are for those with mobility impairment, but what about workers with hearing impairment?

"I think the evidence is still out, but it makes sense to say that feedback helps improve performance" of CPR, says Carolyn L. Cason, interim vice president for research at the University of Texas at Arlington.

How Much Does Feedback Help?

By Jerry Laws

Its effectiveness at improving CPR depends on the type of feedback that is given, the nature of that feedback, and when and how it is given, says researcher Carolyn L. Cason.

Motivating and Promoting Safety

By Robin Ronayne

With a mix of planned and unexpected recognition, you can maintain participation and your recipients will maintain interest.

The Incentive Federation believes lawmakers in Congress should realize the dramatic reduction in workplace accidents, injuries, and deaths alone would be well worth any small reduction in tax revenues resulting from 274(j).

Hands Off 274(j)!

By Brian Galonek

Encouraging companies to better engage with their employees leads directly to a positive ROI for those companies and Uncle Sam, as well.

Grainger Moves Fast on Mobile

By Laura Swift

At this year's big customer show in Orlando, Grainger CEO Jim Ryan introduced a new mobile website to make online ordering from the company's catalog of 900,000 products even easier and faster.

"We have all of those service offerings that can cut across our sales channels to support the customer really in any way the customer needs to be supported," said Donald Carlino Jr., president of Airgas Safety. (Photo courtesy of Airgas Safety)

Eliminating Silos at Airgas

By Jerry Laws

"I think the key is getting unified information off of one database that is consistent and can be shared across the country," said David Levin, vice president of hardgoods for Airgas, Inc.

Your SDSs will contain ingredient data, hazard data, regulatory information, health effects, physical hazards, target organ data, and more.

Beyond SDS Compliance

By Kraig Haberer

Many EH&S professionals are unlocking the hidden value in their SDS data, and so can you.

The 40-foot Big Blue Bear outside the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver is the brainchild of Denver sculptor Lawrence Argent.

Safety 2012: The 'Bear' Necessities

By Laura Swift

This year's ASSE gathering in Denver will be something of a jungle, booked to the rafters.

With arc flash, there is too much at stake to take shortcuts. (DuPont photo)

No Shortcuts

By Duane Smith

With arc flash, there's too much at stake to take shortcuts. Avoid incidents and investigations through prevention and protection.

A Safety Management System final rule for Part 139-certified airports is anticipated within the next six to 12 months.

Instituting Comprehensive Risk Management

By Clare Epstein

A new SMS regulation for FAA 139 airports is under review.

The Whole Package

By Jerry Laws

A focus on compliance, comfort, and overall eye health allows premium protection to appeal to industrial customers.

Case Study: Beating the Heat (and Humidity)

By Gary Stubblefield

In both summer and winter, steamed-up safety glasses and helmet lenses are problems in most welding environments, but solutions are available.


Stop Saying Safety Is First

By Shawn M. Galloway

The challenge for many organizations has to do with understanding how to hold others proactively accountable for safety performance, which is different than safety results.

Leadership Alchemy

By Robert Pater

The job of the leader is alchemical, to "make something from nothing or very little."

Reaching Out to Friends and Family

By Jerry Laws

First prize and $10,000 went to developers of an app named Lifeline that will be launched before this year's hurricane season.