Motivating and Promoting Safety

With a mix of planned and unexpected recognition, you can maintain participation and your recipients will maintain interest.

Offering incentives tied in with safety programs is a positive way for organizations to meet regulations and also protect workers. Beyond meeting the regulations, attaching an incentive to your program shows employees that you value their safety by choosing to recognize and reward outstanding behavior.

One way to keep participants engaged in a safety program is to offer a reward that constantly reminds them of their success. An incentive should be desirable enough to work for and rewarding enough to motivate further improvement. For example, an MP3 player is a tangible reminder of an intangible goal, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle or promoting a safer workplace.

Reward with the Freedom to Choose
Another way to promote safety is to offer an incentive, such as a gift card, that appeals to all or gives every recipient the power to choose. These incentives can help enforce regulations because they motivate employees to go beyond what is expected to ensure safety. Employees who earn gift card rewards can then serve as models for exceptional workplace behavior. Highlighting their accomplishments reflects positively on the entire organization, as well.

The excitement that recipients enjoy when given the freedom to choose their own reward with a gift card is a powerful form of encouragement. Your recipients get immediate recognition from the gift card itself, in addition to the reward of choosing what motivates them. This ongoing recognition serves as a source of continued motivation for programs to come.

Reward with Immediacy
For events that call for a more immediate reward, consider e-gift cards, which are a great fit for employee safety programs. Simply order online, personalize with your recipient's name and address, and your e-gift cards are delivered within one business day after the order is processed. With no physical plastic cards to handle or ship, you can send e-gift cards directly to recipients’ e-mail inboxes with an immediacy other incentives can't match.

Whether planned from the beginning or as more spontaneous rewards, these cards are great for recognizing, congratulating, and thanking participants at every step of the program. With a mix of planned and unexpected recognition, you can maintain participation and your recipients will maintain interest with rewards worthy of dedication to the program. Also, this balanced approach fosters an environment of shared achievement and honesty. You'll be working toward long-term goals, so there isn't a risk of your employees' not reporting safety incidents or accidents just to get an immediate reward. The blend of planned and spontaneous rewards promotes a safer workplace because everyone plays a role in building it.

Motivate Behavior with Excitement
Often, what makes an incentive stick is the motivation it offers. Personalized incentives for safety programs make the reward that much more meaningful, and e-gift cards can be personalized for each recipient when ordering -- you can send words of encouragement directly to his or her inbox. Adding a message of support or a note of congratulations before rewarding your participants for their efforts means your recipients not only will remember the reward, but also they will feel encouraged by your personalized support.

From home entertainment to music, movies, and games, gift cards and e-gift cards match your employees' interests with the exciting entertainment and technology they really want. Every time your employees use their reward, they are reminded of their accomplishment and the company that encouraged them to reach it. These types of incentives provide the motivation to create a safer workplace and the kind of positive feedback that makes safety programs work.

Easy to Use, Easy to Enjoy
Ultimately, the incentive you choose should be as rewarding for you as it is for the recipient. Gift cards are not only easy to use, they're easy to give. Simplified ordering in any quantity and denomination makes them rewarding for you to manage, too. With ours, for example, there is no minimum order, and orders are processed and shipped within four business days. We fulfill orders of any size, with large volume discounts available. Gift cards have no expiration date or dormancy fee, and the full balance remains on the card until used.

Similarly, e-gift cards are designed to be easy to use and manage and can be ordered in three steps. With no fees or expiration dates, they're the easiest way to give your recipients worry-free rewards.

The rewards that recipients choose for themselves are tangible symbols of their success and a constant reminder of your recognition. Offering the right incentives can generate the results you want, whether that means a healthier workforce, a safer workplace, or a more supportive and engaging company culture.

Gift Cards' Key Advantages

  • They support long-term goals.
  • They enable spontaneous recognition.
  • Personalized e-gift cards enhance the rewards' appeal.
  • There are no expiration dates.
  • Employees who earn them serve as models for others.
  • They are tangible, constant reminders of the recipients' success.

This article originally appeared in the May 2012 issue of Occupational Health & Safety.

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