November 2010

November 2010

  • RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: Function, Fit and Comfort
  • CONFINED SPACES: Getting Rescue Right
  • TRAINING: Online Training's Many Benefits
  • WINTER PPE: Not Cool . . . . Brrrrr, It's Cold!
  • FALL PROTECTION: OSHA Focuses on Fall Protection Regulations
  • FLU/HEALTH CARE: Mandatory Immunization's Growing Appeal
  • ERGONOMICS: Sustainable Patient Handling Programs

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Cover Story

November 2010

Respirators: Function, Fit, and Comfort -- I Want It All!

By Robert Coleman

These are the next hurdles to bridge, and manufacturers are doing just that as they develop next-generation respirators for an expanded base of users.


Mandatory Immunization's Growing Appeal

By Jerry Laws

Many U.S. health care providers already require employees to accept vaccinations. Henry Ford Health System requires measles, mumps, rubella, and tuberculosis vaccinations, with no opt-outs allowed.

Roco Rescue conducts rescue training with this facility at its headquarters in Baton Rouge, La.

Getting Rescue Right

By Jerry Laws

Fatal incidents where rescue capability is not standing by and available are all too frequent.

A metal shop worker is using the 3M Versaflo Respirator System, which combines respiratory, head, eye and face, and hearing protection.

PAPRs and SARs for the World

By Kevin J. McGuigan, Don Garvey, Barry R. Weissman

Loose-fitting powered and supplied-air respirators offer increased comfort and productivity -- a better experience for all concerned.

Delivered online, the hi-lo course is ready for employees to take whenever they sit down at a computer during the next rainy day. (Dave Edwards/Grand Valley State University photo)

Online Training's Many Benefits

By Jerry Laws

While the time savings vary greatly, a rough estimate is that safety managers spent 40 percent of their time delivering training in the pre-online era and now spend 10 percent of their time on it.

The implementation plan should include specific steps, responsibilities, and timelines. (Alpha Modalities, LLC photo)

Sustainable Patient Handling Programs

By Jennifer Hess, Lynda Enos

Why is manual patient handling unsafe? The cumulative weight a nurse or nursing assistant may have to lift during patient lifts or transfers within an eight-hour shift can be as much as 1.8 tons.

Integrate your plans to include cold stress factors. Assign responsibility for monitoring the weather, process changes, or movement of personnel.

Not Cool . . . Brrrrrrr, It's Cold!

By Linda J. Sherrard

Your employees need special support in cold situations and more yet in emergency cold situations.

The grandfather clause that currently allows for 36-inch guardrail has been specifically excluded. (LJB Inc. photo)

OSHA Focuses on Fall Protection Regulations

By Thomas Kramer

A long-awaited modernization of the general industry regulations has good elements, as well as some bad features and some omissions.


Balancing Safety

By Robert Pater

Being "well-balanced" is not only a good way of living, it's also critical for high-level safety performance.

Easy, Deadly Gas Blows

By Jerry Laws

OSHA warned gas power plant operators they could face similar fines if the same thing happens at a plant they build or renovate.