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AED Companion O2 Unit

AED Companion O2 Unit

Any victim of a potentially life threatening emergency, should receive Emergency Oxygen. In an emergency, victim’s vital organs and tissues suffer from low oxygen levels, that, if sustained, will lead to brain damage or potentially cardiac arrest. It is important to have Emergency Oxygen onsite to restore oxygen to the victim as quickly as possible. LIFE®SoftPac™ is an ideal light-weight 6 pound portable companion for your AED to provide Emergency Oxygen to a breathing victim before the onset of fibrillation, oxygen enriched CPR to a non-breathing victim, or continued supplemental oxygen after successful defibrillation. It features a constant reading supply gauge with simple full-to-empty symbols, always visible through clear window, knurled-knob On/Off valve prevents accidental opening in transit, shoulder strap, foam handle and padded case for easy carrying with wall-mount hook. LIFE® CPR Mask universally fits adult and child with one-way valve and filter to prevent disease transmission. Disposable/Replaceable (or refillable) cylinder, non-prescription, 40 minute supply @ 6 LPM Fixed-Flow, 6&12 (“Norm” & “High”) for 100% inspired oxygen, and 0 to 25 LPM variable flow for EMT’s. Shipped with cylinder full O2 ready-to-use.

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