Springfield DH exceeds industry standards

Springfield DH exceeds industry standards

This dual-hazard, inherently FR fabric gives you more than twice the protection of chemically treated cotton/nylon fabric when exposed to a 4-second flash fire.  Unlike treated cotton/nylon FR fabrics, which can lose protection if laundered incorrectly, there is no “life of the garment” limitation.

The more you know about Springfield DH fabric, the safer you’ll be.

Visit Springfieldllc.com/Springfield-DH to download the White Paper.

    Product Spotlight

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    • SRC360 Mobile Rail

      SRC360 Mobile Rail

      Safety Rail Company is the market leader in rooftop fall protection, providing OSHA-compliant solutions for projects of any scale – from simple tasks to multi-facility initiatives. The primary component in our diverse network of safety products is the SRC360 Mobile Rail: the backbone of the industry’s most versatile fall-protection system. Available in a variety of sizes, it provides an unmatched ease of install with its free-standing design, while also working in tandem with our other products including safety gates, hatch guards, ladder protection, and more. 3



      PUMA SAFETY MOTO PROTECT—Take pole position! The TOURING BLACK MID of the new generation of the PUMA SAFETY MOTO PROTECT line offers even more performance and motorsport feeling at work. The Duo-PU sole with cushioning midsole and stabilizing, extra-large MTSP torsion control element ensures an absolutely safe and comfortable step. The inner lacing and the drivers heel support the perfect mix of ultimate performance, comfort and motorsport look. 3