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President’s FY2024 Budget Includes $15.1 Billion for Department of Labor

The budget includes funding for mental health benefits as well as worker protection agencies.

The Biden-Harris administration released the Fiscal Year 2024 budget late last week.

According to a news release, the budget outlines a request for $15.1 billion for the Department of Labor (DOL).

Of these funds, $2.3 billion would go toward worker protection agencies in the DOL.

The budget also invests in workers’ mental health by requiring health plans to include mental health benefits as well as substance abuse disorder benefits.

An additional $200 million would be used for the "Sectoral Employment through Career Training for Occupational Readiness" program. The program focuses on meeting employer needs and making sure that “underserved workers have access to high-quality jobs” through what the agency calls “high-quality training,” per the news release.

"The proposed budget delivers on the promise to make sure people in all communities have access to good jobs, and that all workers in America can count on the Department of Labor to be there for them morning, noon and night," said Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh in the news release.

This fiscal year’s (FY) budget for DOL is almost $500 million higher than FY2023’s budget of $14.6 billion.

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Alex Saurman is the Content Editor for Occupational Health & Safety.

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