Blackline Safety’s Refresh Trade-in Program Arms Industrial Workers with Next-Generation Safety Equipment

In today’s industrial workplace where staying ahead of safety risks is paramount to keeping workers safe on the job, connected safety technology is no longer a nice-to-have solution. The more wearable technology becomes commonplace, from using a watch to monitor your heart rate to tracking your next Uber ride on your smartphone, the more using Internet-of-Things (IoT) safety-based devices is considered a must-have on the job.

That’s why Blackline Safety, a global leader in connected safety technology, offers an equipment trade-in program designed to make it easier to acquire the cutting-edge safety equipment and software they need to keep employees safe.

“Surprisingly, many organizations are still using outdated equipment,” said Sean Stinson, Chief Growth Officer, noting that budget restraints and concerns over change management often stand in the way of upgrades. “With the International Labour Organization reporting 340 million occupational incidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses annually, it’s time to do better.”

The Blackline Safety Refresh program allows companies in all sectors – from oil and gas, water treatment and emergency response, to municipalities, utilities, manufacturing and mining – to trade in older gas detection wearables that are either end-of-life or no longer working. In exchange, they receive a credit towards the purchase of next-generation Blackline Safety‘s G7 connected personal gas detectors .

Trade-in makes it easier to reap the benefits of connected safety

“We’re taking old equipment off the hands of industrial workplaces and giving them an affordable way to upgrade to a replacement that is leading edge,” said Stinson.

The opportunity to upgrade means organizations can access expanded features, such as informed safety monitoring, lower cost of ownership and fewer false alarms. More importantly, they gain real-time visibility into the trusted data they need to more effectively manage their safety protocols and processes.

Whereas older workplace safety solutions focused solely on hardware, Blackline Safety equipment comes with software that pinpoints an employee’s exact location, enables two-way communication and collects vital data. By extracting and analyzing information collected by devices on an ongoing basis, organizations can glean valuable data insights that allow them stay ahead of safety risks and ensure compliance with their safety management program – such as how often workers travel through high-risk areas.

Connected Safety in Action---Real-time gas readings reduce risk and protect responders

A major US urban fire department was trialing Blackline Safety’s connected G7c personal gas wearables when they got the call to respond to an ammonia leak from a fuel truck left unattended at a gas station.

Despite not being overly familiar with the equipment, they quickly deployed the devices to monitor ammonia levels and the information was transmitted via the cloud directly to the fire chief. The chief was able to remotely monitor and coordinate the response with confidence knowing he had real-time information to accurately assess the situation.

During the incident, the G7 devices detected 18 high-gas exposures. These real-time gas readings gave responders full visibility into the escalating danger, so they were able to adjust their response with informed insight. Firefighters never had access to this type of detailed information with their existing technology. Using the new tools, they saw firsthand how modern connected gas detection technology can help better protect themselves and others during a potentially dangerous situation.

Easily configurable devices customizable to any scenario

Blackline Safety’s G7 gas detectors are built for extremes, operating reliably in the harshest of conditions to keep workers safe and mitigate the hazardous conditions at hand. Easily configured to suit the specific gas hazards expected at a workplace, the first-of-their-kind cloud-connected devices allow organizations to accurately visualize what’s happening in the event of an incident in real-time. They can then rapidly adjust their response strategy if conditions or situations change.

Unlike other products that rely on Wifi or mesh networks, Blackline Safety’s breakthrough devices use built-in cellular or optional satellite connectivity, deploy in minutes and automatically link to the Blackline Live safety monitoring web application to start streaming data from the incident immediately to the cloud. Real-time 24/7 live monitoring is also offered through the company’s in-house Safety Operations Center, manned by specialized agents who answer 99 percent of calls for help in under 60 seconds.

Updated safety program delivers next-gen features

Data from connected devices can be coupled with dispersion modelling software to proactively forecast where, and at what concentration, a chemical release is likely to spread. This gives organizations the ability to make a more informed decision as to whether a shelter-in-place or evacuation order is required. Many organizations work hand-in-hand with local emergency response crews and the opportunity exists for response teams and facility personnel to work together in pre-planning a combined capability and cost sharing.

Blackline Safety devices are already used by a rapidly-growing number of organizations across North America. From the moment they are connected to a network, they begin logging time and location-stamped data for easy safety reporting, better decision-making, faster incident responsed and effective compliance management.

“In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to be prepared around the clock for the unexpected,” said Stinson. “We can help and we offer free evaluations of all our technologies.”

More information about the Refresh trade-in program can be found at:

About Blackline Safety’s Refresh Program

When companies face hazardous conditions at the worksite, they need the most reliable and modern equipment to protect their people. Blackline Safety’s Refresh Program helps them to fully standardize on the latest gas detection technology. They can trade in their current devices and Blackline Safety will apply a rebate towards the purchase - a better way to part with an aging gas detection fleet. Blackline Safety is the only connected safety company to provide comprehensive direct-to-cloud safety monitoring and gas detection solutions within a single, easy-to-use and understand ecosystem. Systems work out of the box and support confined space entry, lone worker monitoring, emergency response and evacuation management applications for nearly every industry. With a lineup of more than 20 gas sensors and a plug-and-play cartridge interface, companies can feel confident that Blackline Safety has their safety needs covered.

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