OSHA’s New Program Identifies Employers who have not Submitted Injury Forms

OSHA’s New Program Identifies Employers Who Have Not Submitted Injury Forms

Employers could be issued citations if Form 300A is not submitted

OSHA will be initiating a new program that will help it identify employers who fail to report specific yearly data.

According to a press release, the program is used to help OSHA identify employers that have not submitted Form 300A, an annual form on worker injury and illness. Employers with more than 250 workers and those with 20-249 workers in specific industries are required to submit the form annually. (Recently, OSHA proposed updates to the recordkeeping guidelines. Read more here.) 

A list of recently-inspected employers will be compared against a list of potential employers who have not submitted the required form. If there is a match and Form 300A has not been submitted, a citation will be issued.

“OSHA believes that it is vital for the public to have access to illness and injury information that employers provide in their annual submissions,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Doug Parker in the press release. “We are committed to enforcing this important requirement and will continue to look for strategies to reach full compliance.”

Workplace injury and illness data can, per the release, help employers make educated decisions, compare statistics within the industries, avoid hazards and lower injury rates. 

The program will start in April.

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Alex Saurman is a former Content Editor for Occupational Health & Safety,who has since joined OH&S’s client services team. She continues to work closely with OH&S’s editorial team and contributes to the magazine.

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