The Cordless Lithium-ion Drill Driver 18V electric drill can overheat under heavy load, and its casing could catch fire, Sealey Power Products confirmed in its recall notice.

EU Recalls: VHF Marine Radio, Cordless Drill

The Aug. 26 bulletin from the RAPEX rapid alert system said the drill’s casing can overheat and catch fire under heavy load, while the operation of the radio's distress button doesn't match ITU recommendations or the user manual.

Two of the most recent EU safety recalls of products involve a cordless electric drill and a 25-watt VHF marine radio, both of which were made in China, according to the Aug. 26 bulletin from the European Commission’s RAPEX team.

Sealey Power Products, a British company, confirmed the recall of its Cordless Lithium-ion Drill Driver 18V electric drill in an Aug. 24 notice on its website. The recall involves all drills with model number CP 5002 that were sold since Nov. 22, 2010. "As part of our ongoing QC process we have identified a potential safety issue relating to the accumulation of heat around the trigger switch under heavy load," Sealey's notice states. "This may result in the case melting and in some instances cause combustion of the case. In view of the potential risk, we have decided to RECALL this product with immediate effect. This recall relates to all sales of CP5002 Cordless Drill/Drivers since 22nd November 2010. If you have one of these drills please return it to the dealer where it was purchased, where you will be offered a replacement drill. Call 01284 757500 for assistance."

The marine radio is a SIMRAD RS10, model number RS10E, serial number 1008T05000254, according to the bulletin, which says the product has a digital selective call distress button to be used in emergencies, sending an automatic emergency message. Instead of operating with one push of the button, it requires the user to lift a lid and push the button twice. "This method of operation may not be clear and might lead to the user thinking he/she has sent an emergency signal, when this is not the case" and does not match International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recommendations or the user manual, according to the bulletin.

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