More Than 50 LA Fitness AED Saves to Date

The milestone kicked off Cintas Corporation's ReviveR Survivor Program, an initiative honoring responders who demonstrate lifesaving skills with the AED.

More than 50 people have been saved through the use of Cintas ReviveRTM automated external defibrillators at LA Fitness gyms nationwide, Cintas Corporation and LA Fitness International LLC announced Jan. 4. Cintas said this milestone kicked off its ReviveR Survivor Program, an initiative honoring responders who demonstrate lifesaving emergency skills using the ReviveR. THe company also said its AEDs have saved nearly 160 lives to date.

"Our focus is on a healthy life style, and the safety of our members remains a highest priority," said Louis Welch, CEO of LA Fitness. "Cintas' AEDs offer up-to-date technology and ease of use so the responder can simply focus on the task at hand: saving a life."

"Had I been any place other than where I was at the time of the event, my story may very well have a different ending," said William Stolp, one of the survivors. "LA Fitness is to be commended for having the AED available and staff trained to properly use the device. My family and I will forever be grateful for their quick thinking and response."

The ReviveR AED was designed for use by untrained responders. It helps by acting as a personal coach through critical moments, delivering step-by-step instructions through a clear, calm voice. It also shows continuous monitoring of the heart to detect whether the patient's heartbeat recovers.

"LA Fitness has set a new standard of safety in the fitness sector," said Scott Farmer, CEO of Cintas. "Nearly 300,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest each year in the United States with only a six to seven percent survival rate. We are thrilled to provide our customers with the tools and resources they need to make their environments as safe as possible."

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