Luncheon Discussions Give Food for Thought

At this point, if you haven't yet attended one of the many luncheon discussions happening at AIHce 2008, then you've missed out on a lot of useful information, including the every-popular "Unsolved IH Mysteries" luncheons that took place yesterday and the "NIOSH Emerging Issues/Current Trends" luncheons that were held earlier today. All hope is not lost, though, as there is still time to salvage what is left to offer by attending the last luncheon discussions scheduled for tomorrow from noon to 1 p.m., titled "Volunteer Group Tech Talks."

The luncheons are small, interactive group discussions that will be facilitated by representatives from various AIHA Volunteer Groups. Topics reflect current trends and high-interest, relevant issues from each Volunteer Group's technical content. To participate, attendees need only to purchase lunch and select a Tech Talk--seating is first-come, first-served.

The planned Tech Talk discussions are as follows:

  1. Aerosol and Nanotechnology Working Group; Moderators: Del D. Malzahn, CIH and Mark D. Hoover, Ph.D., CIH; Topic: Nanotechnology.
  2. Biological Monitoring; Moderator: Shane Que Hee, Ph.D.; Topics: Biological Monitoring and BEELs.
  3. Communication and Training Methods; Moderator: Bonnie D. Rathbun; Topics: Computer-Based Training and Show and Tell Training.
  4. Confined Spaces Committee; Moderator: George M. Crawford Jr., CIH; Topic: Confined Space Entry
  5. Confined Spaces Committee; Moderators: Erik A. Osby, CIH, MPH, and Mike D. Palmer, CIH, CSP, CHMM; Topic: Confined Space Entry.
  6. Construction Committee; Moderator: James W. Skrabak, CIH; Topic: Chrome VI in Construction.
  7. Ergonomics; Moderator: Ellen Gallo, CSP, CPE, ARM; Topic: Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) Seeks Candidates – An Information Session.
  8. Exposure Assessment and Strategies; Moderators: Gurumurthy Ramachandran, Ph.D., CIH, Barry Graffeo, CIH, and Keith Tait, CIH, CSP; Topic: Bayesian Methods and Exposure Assessment.
  9. Ionizing Radiation; Moderators: Ray Johnson, MS, PE, FHPS, CHP, and Judson Kenoyer, CIH, CHP; Topics: Radiation Instruments, Interpreting Radiation Measurements, QA of Radiation Measurements, Radiation Safety Inspections and Audits, Radiation Health Effects, Helping Workers Deal with Fears of Radiation, Radiation Risk Communication, Nuclear Gauges, Industrial X-Ray Machines, and Radiation Regulations.
  10. Law; Moderator: James L. Unmack, CIH, CSP, PE; Topic: The Industrial Hygienist as Expert: Presenting Science to Non-Technical Lawyers and Jurists.
  11. Noise, Moderator: Lee D. Hager; Topics: Hearing Conservation and Noise Control.
  12. Non-Ionizing Radiation; Moderators: R. Timothy Hitchcock, CIH, CLSO, and Stephen H. Hemperly, MS, CIH, CSP, CLSO; Topic: Hot Non-Ionizing Radiation (new laser and other NIR-related standards, recent studies, and new developments), Non-Ionizing Radiation Resources, and Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Program Components.
  13. Occupational and Environmental Medicine; Moderator: Lisa Iverson-Leirmo; Topic: Medical Screening for Nano-Particles and Hazardous Drugs.
  14. Occupational and Health Management Systems; Moderator: Thea Dunmire, CIH; Topic: Growth in the Use of Management Systems Standards.
  15. Occupational Epidemiology; Moderators: Susan Marie Viet, CIH, Silvia I. Maberti, Ph.D., and Thomas W. Armstrong, CIH; Topic: The Recently Published AIHA Dose Reconstruction Guideline.
  16. Protective Clothing and Equipment; Moderator: Allen W. Lilly, CIH; Topic: PPE from a User's Perspective: How We Select PPE for Specific Jobs?
  17. Protective Clothing and Equipment; Moderator: Don F. Groce; Topic: MRSA – Superbugs and Nasty Germs.
  18. Respiratory Protection Committee; Moderators: Jay A. Parker, CIH, and Roy T. McKay, Ph.D.; Topics: Update on Color Coding Requirements for Respirator Cartridges, Canisters, and Filters; the NEW NIOSH Industrial PAPR Module; and QLFT and QNFT Fit Testing.
  19. Sampling and Laboratory Analysis; Moderator: Mary E. Eide; Topic: Diacetyl.
  20. Social Concerns; Moderator: Dinkar Mokadam, CIH; Topic: Research Update – Exposure to Aircraft Air Supply Contaminants from Heated Engine Oils and Hydraulic Fluids.
  21. Stewardship and Sustainability; Moderators: Jennifer L. Brown, CIH, and Denese A. Deeds, CIH; Topics: REACH and GHS.

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