5 Million Students Since 2001 Shown MADD's Multimedia Warnings

Mothers Against Drunk Driving and DaimlerChrysler's Road Ready Teens program have presented a sobriety message to almost 5 million school children since 2001, including thousands this year. The program's message to high school students is to make smart choices about not using alcohol and driving safely. The message has reached 8,000 schools in the past six years, MADD said.

Alcohol is the top drug problem among U.S. youths, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says traffic crashes are the leading killer of teens.

"Unfortunately, throughout the school year students face the challenges of peer pressures to drink and to act in dangerous ways in an effort to celebrate a special time in their lives," said Glynn Birch, national president of MADD. "This show is designed to speak sensibly to teens about how to act responsibly all year long, but it’s a particularly relevant message now, as teens need facts on why they should make smart and healthy choices. For those under 21, alcohol clouds precious memories and is never a good way to have fun, especially given it is illegal in all 50 states." Deb Morrissett, vice president of Regulatory Affairs for DaimlerChrysler, said the program gives new and inexperienced drivers an important message "in a memorable and entertaining format." For more information and free materials, visit www.roadreadyteens.org.

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