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Predicting Thermal Comfort

Predicting Thermal Comfort of Garments by Measuring Fabric Properties

Worker safety is top priority for employers. Personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety apparel is the "life-saving device" worn everyday for flame resistant (FR) protection.

Flame Resistant Fabrics Clothing Basics

Employers must perform a hazard risk analysis for employees that work on or near energized parts or equipment. If the assessment determines that energies available are over 2 cal/cm2, then protective clothing (or clothing systems) shall be worn that has an arc rating equal to or greater than the anticipated level of energy. Just meeting the standards is not enough.

Flame-Resistant Fabrics for Flash-Fire and Electric-Arc Protection

Building high-quality flame-resistant garments is a complex process. Workrite has developed a comprehensive series of techniques and background processes, which are not necessarily readily apparent when simply looking at the garment, but are responsible for the garment’s quality, integrity and durability.

MSA Altair 4x with Xcell Gas Detector

Workers who face potentially dangerous situations deserve the best precision available. The Altair 4x multigas detector is as tough and functional as it looks. Built on durability: A rugged housing provides unsurpassed durability, including the ability to survive a 20ft drop.

MSA DRIFIRE Flame Resistant Clothing

DRIFIRE FR Apparel’s ongoing innovation in flame-resistant fabric design provides optimal moisture management and comfort in flame-resistant work wear. DRIFIRE FR Apparel redefines flame-resistant apparel by delivering superior wicking, fast drying, and odor control performance without use of topical finishes or harmful chemical additives.

LIVES LOST: The Case for AEDs in Your Community

Automated external defibrillator (AED) use can make the difference between life and death.

Safety Training - Blended Learning Catalog 2010

More than 250,000 training professionals have relied on DuPont Sustainable Solutions to help protect workers, boost productivity and improve profitability.

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HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Play Critical Role in EPA's Lead RRP

In 2008, in order to curb the occurrence of lead-related diseases, the EPA issued 40 CFR Part 745, Subpart E, also known as the Lead RRP.

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Wisconsin Creamery Combats Dusty Whey Powder

Ellsworth Co-op Creamery (Ellsworth, WI) processes 1.3 million pounds of milk a day along with fine and dusty whey powder that settles on the floor, ceilings, and machinery.

National Safety Apparel FR Control Tee

The FR Control Tee has the ability to interact with your body to help balance temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing the heat that you produce and more importantly, maintaining a comfort zone for the wearer.