On Demand

Hugh Hoagland Presents: Equipment Labeling for Electrical Arc Flash and Electrical Shock Hazards

This free webinar dissects the information contained in an electrical hazard label to discuss the specific electrical hazards, the electrical specific risk assessment process, and associated risk control methods.

Duration: 1 Hour

Forklift Operator Training: Tips for an effective program

In this free webinar, we’ll break down OSHA’s requirements for conducting forklift operator training.

Duration: 45 Minutes

COVID-19 Update: Keeping Your Employees and Company Safe!

During this free webcast, we will discuss: OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standard and COVID-related guidance, Vaccine considerations, Developments of applicable employment laws and Ways to help reduce your company’s risk of a claim

Duration: 1 Hour

Supplying High-Level Safety: Preventing Common Injuries in Warehouse and Distribution Centers

This free webinar focuses on strategies they and many other companies have applied: How to internalize Safety – to improve default attention, judgment and actions, Strengthening the Safety Culture/Skills connection enthusiasm/motivation and performance, Strategies for simultaneously leading towards global-class Safety and overall productivity

Duration: 1 Hour

Impacts on Workplace Drug Testing: Marijuana, Opioids, & COVID — OH MY!

Join us for this free webinar as we review the top concerns for the workplace along with tools and recommendations for employers and safety professionals to stay ahead of these fast-changing rules.

Duration: 1 Hour

A Shot in the Arm: How to Boost Your Workplace Vaccination Rates

During this free webinar, you'll learn: Key things to consider when implementing a vaccine mandate; How to support increased immunizations with at-work vaccination clinics; Linking your vaccination program to protect business travelers; and How software can optimize vaccination program delivery, record-keeping and compliance.

Duration: 1 Hour

Effective Workforce Training for the Utilities Sector: Pre- and Post-Pandemic Paradigms

This free webinar will drill down into the hazards most present for utilities workers while also exploring the paradigm shift from in-person classroom to online, virtual, and blended training for those that serve our most essential services.

Duration: 1 Hour

Reducing Sub-Contractor Hand Injuries: How prime contractors can improve sub-contractor hand safety

Join this free webinar to learn about our free hand safety program and how the primary contractors we work with are using its resources to overcome the challenges of preventing hand injuries among their sub-contractors.

Duration: 1 Hour

Cognitive Bias and Incident Investigations - How it Happens & How to Avoid It

This free webinar will introduce the most commonly problematic cognitive biases for investigators and discuss ways to prevent them from hindering your investigations.

Duration: 1 Hour

Forklift Safety & Compliance - Answering the Tough Questions

Join us as we answer some of the tough questions regarding forklift safety and compliance. We’ll cover: The scope of OSHA’s PIT standard, Training – who, when, what and by whom, Inspections, Maintenance, Attachments/modifications, Operational issues, Mancages/personnel platforms and much more!

Duration: 1 Hour

Industrial Hygiene's Role in Perfecting Your Respiratory Protection Program

In this free webinar, It is now, with this renewed focus on RPPs, that safety professionals should be taking a comprehensive look at the hazards present in their facilities and assessing the programs they have in place to recognize any gaps that could be leaving workers vulnerable.

Duration: 1 Hour

Safety Leadership, Rules, and Engagement - How Leaders Drive Safety Culture Success

This free webinar will highlight notable findings from Safety Leadership and Engagement, How are You Driving Safety Culture Success? – a survey of more than 550 safety and health professionals.

Duration: 1 Hour

Wearable Sensors for Occupational Health and Safety - Opportunities and Challenges

This free webinar will provide an introduction of wearable sensor technologies already in use for occupational health and safety and the ones that will soon be available.

Duration: 1 Hour

Heat Stress and Cold Stress: Responses and Recommendations

There are a lot of questions regarding FR/AR clothing and what to do in extreme hot and cold temperatures. In this free webinar, our FR expert Derek Sang discusses the effects of cold stress and heat stress and what employers can do to keep their workers safe in these extreme conditions.

Duration: 1 Hour

Understanding the Role of Hazard Communication

This free webinar presentation will explore the changes HCS has seen in the last 38 years, as well as what actions employers are required to take to stay in compliance with the Hazard Communication Standard in 2020.

Duration: 1 Hour