Emergency Response

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Wein Products Inc.


Wein Products Inc.'s strapless, one-size-fits-all Fitseal™ Adhesion Filtering Facepiece Particulate Respirator (FFPR) is designed to be held in place by medical-grade adhesion technology that conforms and seals to the wearer's face, thereby significantly reducing inward and outward leakage between the mask and the face.

    Gateway Safety Inc.

    Gateway Safety Inc

    Gateway Safety Inc.'s new Serpent™ Ventilated Safety Helmet is designed to help offset the adverse effects of working in hot weather, thereby ensuring worker compliance. Its CoolSense™ six-vent air flow system allows heat to escape, keeping workers cooler. A soft, cushioned brow pad helps to absorb moisture and perspiration.

      EMS Safety Services Inc.

      First Aid

      EMS Safety Services Inc. has been providing CPR, First Aid, and AED Certification Programs for more than 15 years. Its goal is to earn customers' confidence in the quality of its safety training and first aid products and become their one-stop resource for emergency response training, disaster preparedness, and CPR and first aid supplies.

        ZOLL Medical Corp.

        Rescue AED

        ZOLL Medical Corp.'s ZOLL AED Plus® is a full-rescue AED with Real CPR Help® for rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. The AED guides rescuers through the complete "Chain of Survival," helping all sudden cardiac arrest victims, not just those who need a shock.


          Respirator Hoods

          Bullard's new RT Series Tychem® hood offers a new sport neck cuff made from soft nylon material for added comfort, a headband-free design, patented over-the-top air delivery system, a wide viewing lens, and an APF of 1,000. The hoods are for Powered Air-Purifying Respirators or Supplied Air Respirators.

            ZOLL Medical Corp.

            Zoll AED Plus

            The First and Only Full-Rescue AED The ZOLL AED Plus® is the first and only full-rescue AED that provides Real CPR Help® for rate and depth of chest compressions. It guides rescuers through the complete Chain of Survival helping all sudden cardiac arrest victims, not just those who need a shock. The AED Plus features ZOLL’s unique one-piece electrode pad for fast and accurate placement and is powered by lithium camera batteries available from retail stores.
            ZOLL Medical Corporation is committed to developing technologies that help advance the practice of resuscitation. For more information call 800-348-9011.

              PolyConversions Inc.

              Disposable Gowns

              Made of an impervious, lightweight polyethylene material, PolyConversions Inc.'s PolyWear Protective Disposable Gowns are designed to replace traditional poly aprons and sleeves that are disposed of after a single use. The gowns provide protection against cross-contamination and incorporate a tear-away feature for quick and easy removal.

                Elvex Corp.

                Safety Hat

                Elvex Corp.'s new advanced safety helmet, the Tectra™ safety cap, is ANSI Z89.1-2003 compliant and features a contemporary design, a lightweight polyethylene shell, four head-hugging suspensions, vented and non-vented options, non-conductive and general duty models, hidden suspension hangers, a rain trough for water disbursement, and more.

                  Kimberly-Clark Professional

                  Cut Resistant Glove

                  Kimberly-Clark Professional has added the KleenGuard G60 cut-resistant glove to its glove line. Featuring a blend of Dyneema® and glass to provide protection without compromising comfort, the seamless-knit glove can be used as an underglove and is ideal for paper-making, glass-cutting, and metal-stamping industries.

                    Capital Safety

                    All-Purpose Connector

                    The new Saflok Max™ all-purpose connector from Capital Safety is designed to reduce equipment costs by giving the user more tie-off options without the need for additional anchorage connectors. Its new snap hook features a rectangular body and three-inch gate opening that provides a direct connection to a variety of larger anchor points.