Emergency Response

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Scott Safety

Scott Safety Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

The Scott Air-Pak 75i SCBA from Scott Safety is a NIOSH-approved SCBA designed with durability, dependability, and user-focus in mind. It features Scott’s unique dual-redundant pressure reducer, coupled with the innovative and patented Scott Vibralert end-of-service indicator to provide dependable, peace of mind protection in even the most demanding industrial applications.


    Bradley Corp.

    Bradley Corp, Eye Face Wash Sprayhead

    HALO™ Eye and Eye/Face Wash Sprayhead

    All Bradley Corporation swing-activated eye and eye/face wash solutions now include the innovative HALO™ eye and eye/face wash sprayhead. It offers a superior wash pattern for the most effective contaminant relief available. The HALO eye/face sprayhead covers 85 percent of the user’s face, which provides 20 percent better protection than other eye/face washes.


      Honeywell Safety Products

      The new HW100 and HW200 auto-darkening-filter welding helmets with shade 9-13 protection.

      HW100, HW200 Auto-Darkening Filter Welding Helmets

      Honeywell Safety Products introduced the new HW100 and HW200 auto-darkening-filter welding helmets with shade 9-13 protection. The helmets’ innovative design combines the safety and performance of high-quality ADF filters with a sleek, lightweight helmet shell for superior comfort and increased productivity. With a light state of Shade 3 on the HW100 or Shade 4 on the HW200, these welding helmets offer a clear view of the work area during set-up, as well as pre- and post-fabrication activities.


        Honeywell Safety Products

        Honeywell Safety Products

        Uvex Turboshield Faceshield Headgear

        Honeywell Safety Products' Uvex Turboshield faceshield headgear delivers superior comfort through a patented cradle that provides 300% more contact area than traditional suspensions and eliminates pressure points for all-day wear. A patent-pending, push-button release system enables extremely easy visor exchange in seconds. The unique, toric-shaped visor provides excellent optics, increased field of view, and 50% more chin coverage than traditional cylindrical visors without the need for bulky accessories.



          Physio-Control Inc.’s LIFEPAK CR Plus AED

          Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus AED

          Featuring the same advanced technology trusted by emergency medical professionals—yet simple to use—the fully automatic CR Plus AED is designed specifically for the first person to respond to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.


            Philips HeartStart FRx AED

            Philips HeartStart FRx AED (automated external defibrillator)

            The Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is designed to be easy to set up and use, as well as rugged and reliable for those who get there first. On the scene with law enforcement, on the field with student athletes, or on the job with employees, the FRx Defibrillator treats sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in environments and conditions too demanding for other defibrillators.

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              Bradley Corp.

              Bradley Spin Tec Cutaway 150x150

              SpinTec™ Showerhead

              The innovative SpinTec™ showerhead from Bradley incorporates the latest technology in fluid dynamics to provide a superior washdown in a shorter amount of time and with a more even distribution of water than other emergency fixture drench showers. SpinTec’s softer, higher velocity spray improves contaminant removal. Wash away old thinking in emergency shower design. Choose SpinTec from Bradley.

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                Health and Safety Institute

                On-going OSHA Compliance Training Series

                On-going OSHA Compliance Training Series

                The publishers of MEDIC First Aid and ASHI training programs now introduce the First Safety Institute (FSI) series for OSHA compliance training. FSI combines video-based, instructor-facilitated training with online delivery options to create an engaging learning experience. Inaugural programs include portable fire extinguishers, PPE, and respiratory protection.

                Health & Safety Institute — your single-source provider for health and safety training.

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                  Shure Manufacturing Corp.

                  Safety Station

                  SAFETY STATION

                  The Shure Safety Station from Shure Manufacturing Corp. is designed for use in any shop to store first aid kits, bandages, and supplies. Standard accessories include mirror, soap dispenser, towel dispenser, waste receptacle, and emergency eye wash attachment. The station features heavy-duty, reinforced-steel construction and is ideal for MSDS storage.

                    Miller Fall Protection

                    Rescue/Descent Device

                    RESCUE/DESCENT DEVICE

                    The new Miller SafEscape ELITE Rescue/Descent Device (RDD) by Miller Fall Protection is an automatic descent control mechanism made for evacuating or rescuing personnel from an elevated height. It can accommodate one or two users simultaneously and is available in custom-designed kits for Wind Energy and Tower Crane applications.