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Rigid Lifelines - A Division of SPANCO, Inc.


Meet The New Kids On The Block

Now the strongest name in fall protection, Rigid Lifelines, is showing off its softer side. Introducing new Connex shock absorbing lanyards, Defy self-retracting lanyards and the Evolve Harnesses. Each comes in a variety of sizes and lengths to help you tackle any job, at any height. Use them with our famous Rigid Track Systems. And get ready to laugh fear in its face.




    Evolution 6151 Hard Hat

    Evolve your head protection with the Evolution® 6151 Hard Hat from JSP®. The Evolution® 6151 is packed ready-to-wear with no assembly required and features a 6-point suspension, unique “3D Adjustment” and wheel ratchet for a firm, comfortable fit. Customize your hard hat with reflective decals and internal eye protection. Full brim versions are also available.


      JLG Industries Inc.


      Work Safely with Both Hands

      Safety is your top priority, which means you need the right equipment and tools at your facility. The LiftPod® is a personal portable lift that can be used as a ladder alternative, allowing your personnel to work more safely, with both hands, from a secure platform. Available in two models, the FS60 and FS80, the LiftPod provides up to 12 ft and 14 ft of lift height.




        Safety Center

        The Cintas Safety Center solution is a PPE cabinet that offers a comprehensive suite of head-to-toe safety solutions coupled with a managed program to protect employees on the job and ensure workplace compliance. The Cintas Safety Center keeps PPE well organized and centrally located within the workplace, and allows organizations to easily adjust the type and amount of PPE delivered as employee count, job responsibilities and hazards change. The cabinet and service program is ideal for organizations of all sizes that require PPE and want to better manage inventory. 


          GOJO Industries Inc.


          Pumic Hand Cleaner

          The GOJO ECOPREFERRED pumice hand cleaner from GOJO is the first green certified product in the company’s Tough Soils lineup. The pumice hand cleaner quickly and effectively cleans medium to heavy soils and conditions hardworking hands. Developed for those who work in oil, grease and other medium to heavy soils, GOJO ECOPREFERRED Pumice Hand Cleaner delivers cleaning performance and environmental credibility by achieving UL’s ECOLOGO Certification. GOJO ECOPREFERRED Pumice Hand Cleaner is also a USDA Certified Biobased product with an 85% biobased formulation. 




            Automatic Smoke Vents

            The Type SV Single Leaf Automatic Smoke Vents from Bilco have received UL approval per the UL 793 standard for automatically operated roof vents for smoke and heat. The vents are available with a metal cover or a domed polycarbonate cover for natural daylighting. The device is designed to open automatically in the event of a fire to remove smoke, heat and toxic gases from a burning building, which improves inside air quality and visibility. 


              Kimberly-Clark Professional

              KC professional

              Welding Mask

              Stop by Kimberly-Clark Professional’s booth at ASSE to learn how you can create healthier, safer, and more productive workplaces. Now you can get the high-level elements of a high-performance welding lens without the high price. The new Jackson Safety WH40 Insight Welding Lens by Kimberly-Clark Professional offers an ADF with digital and multi-function controls for any welding job. Booth 1243


                Scott Safety


                See a Full Line of Scott Safety Innovative Products

                Scott Safety offers a full basket of innovative, customer-driven PPE, respiratory protection, and gas detection equipment. Key products include the Ska-Pak AT supplied air respirator with automatic air transfer and the TRC-1 air cart, supplying air for up to eight respirators. The Protégé multi-gas and Protégé ZM single gas monitors are easy-to-use gas detection solutions that deliver high performance in a small, ergonomically designed package. The Meridian fixed gas detector detects combustible and toxic gases with a plug-and-play single detector head, while the Spyglass Open Path combustible detector system can replace 20 line-of-sight point gas detectors, saving up-front costs and ongoing maintenance costs. Scott is committed to helping industrial safety personnel focus on the task at hand, not on their equipment. Booth 1229




                  High-Altitude 3M Adflo Turbo Assembly

                  Experience the benefits of our new 3M Adflo Turbo Assembly with High Altitude Compensation. With this version, you can work at altitudes from sea level up to approximately 10,000 feet with the HE filter and up to approximately 5,000 feet when using the OV/AG cartridge. Booth 1401


                    Moldex-Metric Inc.


                    More Air. More Wear.

                    Airwave® is the next wave in respiratory protection–a revolutionary step forward from today’s disposable respirators. Its patent pending wave technology allows easier breathing for cool comfort, providing the protection you need all day long. Plus, it also delivers on the Moldex® commitment – comfortable, durable respirators that increase compliance and decrease costs. Booth 1435