Disaster Preparedness

OMNI/ajax Inc.

Mercury Spill Kit

OMNI/ajax Inc.'s redesigned Mercury Magnet™ mercury spill kit is tailored to multiple industries, including health care, safety, maintenance, janitorial, and natural gas/electric utilities. Its magnetic amalgamation powder reduces the risk of mercury exposure by forming a non-vaporizing solid that is easily picked up with a magnetic hand tool.

    Moldex-Metric Inc.

    Ear Plug Kit

    Moldex-Metric Inc.'s One-Stop PlugShop® Starter Kit now offers one Pura-Fit® PlugStation® with 250 pairs of ear plugs, one Goin' Green® PlugStation® with 250 pairs of ear plugs, and one SparkPlugs® PlugStation® with 250 pairs of ear plugs. The change also comes with a new Moldex product number: 0604.

      Gateway Safety Inc.

      Adjustable N95 APR

      Gateway Safety Inc.'s PeakFit® NIOSH-approved N95 air-purifying respirator is designed for a custom fit that enhances user comfort, thereby increasing compliance and reducing safety expenses. The respirator's molded nose bridge fits most faces without the need to pinch a metal nosepiece, and its integrated, one-piece head strap with buckle is fully adjustable.

        Best Glove Inc.

        Hostile-Environment Glove

        Best Glove's N-DEX® NightHawk Defender™ is black for stealth and thicker for strength (6 mils). With extended, 11-inch arm coverage, this solid black nitrile glove features second-skin tactile sensitivity and is designed for law enforcement officers, military personal, and others who put who put their lives at risk, protecting them against hostile elements.


          Abrasion-Resistant Glove

          Ansell Healthcare's Vantage® 70-761 glove is designed to deliver maximum safety without sacrificing dexterity, durability, or comfort. Ideal for jobs involving sharp tools and materials, the glove's proprietary, cut-resistant technology--combined with a unique manufacturing process and an exclusive blend of fibers--increases comfort and employee compliance, thereby reducing injury potential.

            Westcott Distribution Inc.

            High-Performance Pump

            Westcott Distribution Inc.'s GoatThroat Pumps have been certified to meet stringent, new worldwide regulations aimed at reducing or eliminating materials that are hazardous to the environment. The pump uses high-performance materials, including Moplen polypropylene from Basel, Viton ® from Dupont, and Santoprene from Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES).

              Pelican Products Inc.

              Rechargeable Light

              Pelican™ Products Inc. introduces the rechargeable 8060 LED duty/tactical flashlight, featuring a Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery that offers four hours of peak (6-hours total) burn time. Also it's efficient LED technology allows the light to blast 190 lumens of clean, bright light.

                Kimberly-Clark Professional

                Product Selection Tool

                To simplify PPE product selection, Kimberly-Clark Professional has enhanced its interactive, online resources--which include the Product Selection Tool, the Chemical Resistance Database, and the Interactive Virtual Model (aka "Symbiosis Man")--to work in tandem to help customers evaluate, choose, and "try on" selections from the KleenGuard brand portfolio of protective gear.

                  Encon Safety Products

                  Chemical Splash Goggle

                  Encon Safety Products' new XPR36™ High Impact Chemical Splash Goggle combines ergonomic style and comfort with the patent-pending 360-degree Circuitous Ventilation System and the QD2® easy-adjustment strap. Lenses' Encote™ coating is scratch- and fog-resistant and SEI certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003 and CSA Z94.3-2007.

                    LifeScience PLUS


                    Wound Control

                    When applied to a wound, LifeScience PLUS' BloodSTOP is designed to react with blood and turn into a gel that adheres to the skin's surface while expanding and creating light pressure to seal the wound and control bleeding rapidly. The material uses oxidized and etherized cellulose.