Disaster Preparedness

Safe and Secure Channel

Disaster Preparedness Video

What is your company's preparedness initiative? Many small business will not reopen after a major natural disaster. Get tips and resources on how to develop your own Emergency Plan. Find out how to obtain your Preparedness Guide and Business Continuity Planning CD-ROM to help in developing your plan.

Watch this informative program including an interview with Wendy Leedy of American Red Cross and Jerry Laws, Editor of OH&S.

    Water-Jel Technologies

    Burn Stations

    Water-Jel Technologies debuts two new wall-mounted Burn Stations that are specially designed to deal with burns that occur in the workplace. The stations offer a wide range of treatment products and can be mounted anywhere burn accidents are most likely to occur. Their protective dust covers guard against contaminants.

      Moldex-Metric Inc.

      Hi-Vis Respirator

      Moldex-Metric Inc.'s 2200N95HV high-visibility N95 disposable respirator features a green Dura-Mesh® shell designed to resist collapsing, make compliance checks easier, and increase worker safety in high-traffic areas. Softspun® lining gives added comfort and durability, and a contour-molded nose bridge with foam cushion seals without use of a metal band.

        Allegro Industries

        Respirator Accessories

        Allegro Industries has a complete line of cleaning, storage, and testing accessories available for respirator users that includes a selection of wall cases, storage bags, wipes, cleaning kits, and respirator fit test kits. The wall-mounted cases are designed to protect respirators against harsh plant environments, and most models are made of corrosion-resistant ABS with ultraviolet inhibitors.

          3M Health Care

          Antiseptic Hand Foam

          3M Health Care's new Avagard Foam Instant Hand Antiseptic with moisturizers is a quick drying, non-aerosol product that is designed to fast and effectively kill bacteria. The foam contains a balanced blend of five different emollients that moisturize and condition the hands as it disinfects.

            Dry Corp.

            Catheter Protection

            Dry Corp.'s Dry Pro™ waterproof PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) protector is a latex-free sleeve that is open on both ends to keep users' hands free for use. It fits over PICC lines and IV lines with a vacuum seal that offers complete waterproof protection.

              Sempermed USA Inc.

              Surgical Glove

              Sempermed USA Inc.'s Syntegra is a surgical glove manufactured with a patented styrene-isoprene-styrene copolymer that lacks processing accelerator chemicals--which can cause glove-related sensitivities. The product can be double-gloved for added protection and its chlorination-free formula eliminates chlorine's slippery feel and strong odor.


                Exposure Meter

                ETS-Lindgren's new HI-2200 RF Field Survey Meter enables a user to take basic RF safety measurements over an extended frequency range. The compact measurement system features five broadband interchangeable probes, available for both electric and magnetic field measurements, providing flexibility for non-ionizing radiation exposure measurements.

                  Fiber-Metal, a North Safety Products brand

                  Multi-Directional Protection

                  Fibre-Metal's SUPEREIGHT® SE2 Sensor cap is designed to offer multi-directional protection through use of a dual-impact,energy-control crown impact system that senses the point of impact and activates the patented attenuator band, providing the appropriate force attenuation. The hat meets the ANSI Z89.1 Type II standard and is shipped fully assembled.

                    EmergencyPacks LLC

                    Non-Pressurized Oxygen

                    EmergencyPacks LLC's new portable Model 615 oxygen delivery system uses chemical technology to generate non-pressurized oxygen only when needed, minimizing the chance of combustion. FDA approved, the system requires no prescription and features a single-step activation process that instantly creates 15 minutes of medically pure oxygen.