Disaster Preparedness

JLG Industries Inc.


Work Safely with Both Hands

Safety is your top priority, which means you need the right equipment and tools at your facility. The LiftPod® is a personal portable lift that can be used as a ladder alternative, allowing your personnel to work more safely, with both hands, from a secure platform. Available in two models, the FS60 and FS80, the LiftPod provides up to 12 ft and 14 ft of lift height.




    Safety Center

    The Cintas Safety Center solution is a PPE cabinet that offers a comprehensive suite of head-to-toe safety solutions coupled with a managed program to protect employees on the job and ensure workplace compliance. The Cintas Safety Center keeps PPE well organized and centrally located within the workplace, and allows organizations to easily adjust the type and amount of PPE delivered as employee count, job responsibilities and hazards change. The cabinet and service program is ideal for organizations of all sizes that require PPE and want to better manage inventory. 




      CarbonX Repel

      CarbonX® will display its latest innovation in personal protective equipment, CarbonX Repel, at Safety 2014. CarbonX Repel delivers multifunctional protection unlike any other protective fabric. Constructed to be truly non-flammable, Repel provides extraordinary protection against extreme heat and direct flame and remarkably sheds molten metal, petrochemicals, flammable liquids, and hot chemicals—all in one single garment. Its lighter weight and flexibility significantly improve comfort while reducing the potential for heat stress. Applications include: jackets, sleeves, coveralls, aprons, and bibs. Booth 1431


        Allegro Industries

        defibrillator cases

        Defibrillator Cases

        Allegro Industries introduces the Plastic Defibrillator Wall Case, which is made of corrosion resistant ABS plastic with high visibility graphics and comes with three optional slide-in shelves. Two additional plastic models are available with fully sealed, waterproof strobe and audio alarm and with decimal alarm only. The metal cases are constructed with corrosion-resistant steel and feature a door-front window and latch handle. Available in a large or small size, the metal cases are equipped with a battery operated audio alarm and a waterproof strobe feature is available on the small model. 



          LED High Bay Lighting

          LED High Bay Lighting

          LED lighting technology company Dialight has released the ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certified 25,000 lumen SafeSite LED high bay to come with a 10-year full performance warranty. The high output LED high bay offers superior illumination and efficiency for oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other hazardous area rated applications. The 25K lumen high bay includes an integrated power supply with 10kV surge protection, specifically designed for the fixture and hazardous area application. The product weights 13.6 kgs and is 35 cm in height. It can be mounted 11 meters above the factory floor. 


            Vital Connect

            Healthcare Industry Biosensor

            Healthcare Industry Biosensor

            Vital Connect introduces its first biosensor product, the HealthPatch MD biosensor. The HealthPatch MD is the first solution of its kind capable of capturing clinical-grade biometric measurements in a continuous, configurable and non-obtrusive manner using a small yet powerful patch worn on the chest. Encapsulated within the HealthPatch MD are cutting-edge sensor and chip technologies which combined with Vital Connect’s proprietary algorithms, enable the device to provide clinical-grade measurements of eight core health metrics: single lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, posture, steps and fall detection/severity.


              Honeywell Safety Products


              Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets

              Honeywell Safety Products’ new HW100 and HW200 auto-darkening-filter welding helmets offer shade 9-13 protection and combine the safety and performance of high-quality ADF filters with a sleek, lightweight helmet shell for superior comfort and increased productivity. With a light state of Shade 3 on the HW100 or Shade 4 on the HW200, these welding helmets offer a clear view of the work area during set-up, as well as pre- and post-fabrication activities. Immediately upon arc strike, the ADF darkens to Shade 10 on the HW100 or to a selected shade in the 9-13 range on the HW200, allowing for a consistently clear view of welds without repeatedly lifting the helmet.


                DuPont Sustainable Solutions

                DuPont Hazard Communication

                Hazard Communication Solution

                OSHA’s Hazard Communication standard recently has been enhanced with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). This new standard not only gives workers the right to know the chemicals and hazards they face, but the right to understand them and how to protect themselves from damage. DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ new HazCom: In Sync with GHS will help employees understand this new standardized process of communicating chemical hazards.


                  New Pig Corp.

                  BURPLESS FUNNEL

                  The PIG® Burpless® One-Hand Sealable Funnel from New Pig Corp. features a low-profile, vented funnel that is designed to seal with one hand in order to help users meet closed-container regulations. Its patented Burpless design prevents pressure buildup, allowing quick and continuous flow with no splashback.

                    New Pig Corp.

                    LOCKING DRUM LID

                    The PIG® Vapor-Control Latching Drum Lid from New Pig Corp. features a hinged, lockable drum lid with a built-in, five-foot-long port that is designed to provide easy and secure access to materials stored in a 55-gallon, open-head steel drum.