Dakota Software Corp.

EHS Software

Dakota Software Corp.'s ProActivity Suite is designed to allow industrial companies to shift their focus beyond regulatory compliance and incorporate sustainability initiatives into their day-to-day operations. With the software, users can easily create sophisticated regulatory compliance frameworks at each and every site, increasing an organization's environmental performance.

    3E Company®

    Online Compliance

    The latest addition to its Regulatory Reporting services, 3E Co.'s Compliance Calendar Documents feature is designed to allow instant online access to all hazardous material disclosures and permits available for a facility that are prepared within 3E Online, as well as the ability to view the scanned PDF document.

      Safety Software

      Compliance Software

      Since 1991, Safety Software's original OSHALOG® has been designed to be an easy-to-use, in-depth professional safety management tool that provides more analytical reports than its competitors. Its patent-pending OSHACoach feature is an accurate decision tree that helps determine recordability and includes hyperlinked 29 CFR 1904 regulations.

        Venice Consulting Group

        Emergency Response System

        Created through collaboration between Venice Consulting Group and S&P Technologies Inc., is designed to reduce response times to emergencies and mass disaster situations. Its patent-pending Emergency Responder Reply System™ enables chiefs, stations, team leaders, and dispatchers to see who is responding to a call on the site.

          Medgate Inc.

          OSH SOFTWARE

          Developed in consultation with clients, Medgate 6.0 features many enhancements to all modules for increased flexibility and configuration options across the board. General enhancements include an enforced password policy, country-specific labeling, measurement conversions, Medgate Automatic E-mail Notification (MAEN) from front end, and more.



            Tremetrics' HT Pro hearing conservation software was designed by professional hearing conservationists with real-world experience and comes with extensive, on-demand online and phone support from experienced audiologists. In addition, features include data entry wizards; multilingual employee reports; OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 logging and reporting; automatic baseline revisions; and more.

              J. J. Keller & Associates Inc.


              J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.'s Keller-Soft® Workplace Accident Investigator software program is designed to help users document the accident investigation process by maintaining a complete record of incidents and corrective actions taken. The software also helps to identify problem areas based on recorded history, determines corrective actions, and tracks corrective actions to ensure they are in place and working properly.

                Environmental Support Solutions (ESS)

                SAFETY MANAGEMENT

                ESS Safety Solution is designed to ensure consistent OSHA recordkeeping, lower worker's compensation costs, identify workplace hazards, define and develop safety practices, track liability claims, and manage employee safety training activities. Its fully integrated, Web-enabled platform can be used from any location, anytime. Booth 1181.

                  3E Company®

                  ONLINE MANAGEMENT

                  3E Company's new online Compliance Research and Analysis Data module is a regulatory compliance tool that is designed to provide instant Internet access to U.S. federal, state, and local hazardous materials reporting requirements on a location-specific level. The module can be integrated with the award-winning 3E Online® MSDS offering, providing a central access point for hazmat information needs. Booth 1042.



                    Intended to help users successfully administer time-consuming, resource-intensive MSDS and chemical data management, the SiteHawk® Vendor MSDS Management (VMM) program is engineered to offer intuitive ledgers that easily pinpoint materials for a single site or area and provide immediate access to the original manufacturer's MSDS.