Stature 4.0, the latest upgrade to Dyadem's risk management platform, is designed to enable customers to make more informed decisions about the production processes and the products they manage. The platform is built on the principles of continuously improving, identifying, measuring, mitigating, and communicating safety and quality risks.


    Industrial Scientific Corp.'s iNet Control software is designed for managing gas detector fleets. The system allows users to view trend graphs or sensor-level detail for each gas detector and to compare the health of their gas detection program to industry averages.

    Brady Corp.


    Brady Corp.'s newest version of its Lockout Pro™ 3 software with optional online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model provides easy-to-use templates for creating an OSHA-compliant, hazardous-energy-control lockout program that allows quick access to a database of standard terms, graphics, and information. Other improvements include the ability to select multiple procedures for batch printing.

      Summit Training Source Inc.

      Summit Training logo

      On Demand Convenience and Cost Savings with Summit Streaming Video

      Summit’s Streaming Video format provides an effortless way of immediately delivering EH&S training videos directly to any computer via the internet, without the hassle of downloading. Streaming Video offers a number of benefits, including:

      • Unlimited access to Summit’s premier video library of over 300 courses
      • Eliminate shipping and handling costs
      • Ability to view from anywhere, anytime, 24/7 using a computer’s web browser
      • Downloadable facilitator guide, PowerPoint™ presentations, and quiz included

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        VFA Inc.

        Facility Management

        VFA.facility® from VFA is designed to enable organizations to both manage information about facility assets and leverage that information to create capital projects, plans, and budgets. The application provides a central source of facility data and gives facility managers, capital planners, financial analysts, and executives the tools needed to make decisions.

          Supercritical Fluid Technologies

          Analytical Monitor

          Supercritical Fluid Technologies introduces a new Data Acquisition Package (DAP) as an option for the SFT Phase Monitor II instrument. DAP provides real-time video image and data capture directly to a PC computer, along with temperature and pressure data, and may be archived directly to a hard drive.

            MSDSpro LLC.

            MSDS Management

            MSDSpro's WORKflo is designed to bridge the communication gap between MSDS management and chemical authorization without the hassles of a paper trail authorization. Using Digital Workflow Techniques™, the product allows companies to achieve total chemical control through department-level chemical authorization.

              Hearing Conservation

              Larson Davis Inc.'s CORTI® software and services are designed to identify at-risk employees and improve performance of hearing conservation programs. Its easy-to-use statistical analysis tools leverage users' data and correlates changes in Hearing Threshold Levels to workers' noise exposure data, allowing for continuous HCP improvement to be implemented.


              Safety Software

              Now in its 19th year, SafeSoft® is a provider of safety management software tools for OSHA Recordkeeping, accident/incident management, analyses, training, and PPE. Its original OSHALOG Recordkeeping software is designed to provide the base for integrated employee data for productivity, save recordkeeping time, and help reduce worker's comp costs.

                J. J. Keller & Associates Inc.

                Hazardous Waste Software

                J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.'s Keller-Soft® Waste Manifest and Label Maker software is designed to automate completion of the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest form required by EPA. The software includes instructions for filling out each form and stores the forms electronically to assist with reporting and sending of like shipments.