Fibergate Composite Structures

fiberglass spill containment

Fiberglass Spill Containment

Fibergrate Composite Structures has developed a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) solution for the oil/gas industry. Fibergrate’s modular spill containment system consists of large pans created from a matrix of fiberglass reinforcement embedded in a corrosion resistant resin, then covered with traffic bearing, slip resistant Fibergrate molded grating.  The system was designed with durability and mobility in mind and reduces containment concerns, plastic expenses, and trip/slip hazards. The durable system has a uniform, flat surface that is able to withstand the traffic and weight of heavy mobile drilling rigs, frac, and other equipment.




    Industrial Corrosion-Resistant Coatings

    A new category of inorganic Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics (CBPCs) called EonCoat, has been formulated that emits no VOCs or HAPs during or after coating application, has no flashpoint, flame spread, or hazardous waste disposal requirements. The coating consists of two, non-hazardous components that do not interact until applied by a plural component spray gun.  Since the components are not mixed prior to application, the need for VOC-generating ingredients in the formulation is eliminated. Unlike polymer coatings that sit on top of the substrate, EonCoat bonds through a chemical reaction with the substrate.  This makes it virtually impossible for corrosion promoters to get behind the coating.



      LED High Bay Lighting

      LED High Bay Lighting

      LED lighting technology company Dialight has released the ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certified 25,000 lumen SafeSite LED high bay to come with a 10-year full performance warranty. The high output LED high bay offers superior illumination and efficiency for oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other hazardous area rated applications. The 25K lumen high bay includes an integrated power supply with 10kV surge protection, specifically designed for the fixture and hazardous area application. The product weights 13.6 kgs and is 35 cm in height. It can be mounted 11 meters above the factory floor. 


        Vestil Mfg. Corp.

        Tarp Corner Guard

        Tarp Corner Guard

        The Tarp-C tarp corner guard from Vestil is low cost, promotes tarp life, is reusable and recyclable, prevents tarp tears and covers sharp corners. The features of the product include durable and molded plastic construction, three-leg design, user-installed, double-sided stick tape, a hole used to tack the corner guard in place and more. The leg length is 5.5” and it weights three ounces. Each carton contains 16 corner guards. 


          Vital Connect

          Healthcare Industry Biosensor

          Healthcare Industry Biosensor

          Vital Connect introduces its first biosensor product, the HealthPatch MD biosensor. The HealthPatch MD is the first solution of its kind capable of capturing clinical-grade biometric measurements in a continuous, configurable and non-obtrusive manner using a small yet powerful patch worn on the chest. Encapsulated within the HealthPatch MD are cutting-edge sensor and chip technologies which combined with Vital Connect’s proprietary algorithms, enable the device to provide clinical-grade measurements of eight core health metrics: single lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, posture, steps and fall detection/severity.


            JETprotect Corporation

            Instrumentation Pole

            Instrumentation Pole

            JETprotect Corporation announces a low-cost instrumentation pole for military, government, commercial and private estate installations. The CataPult20 is a geometric twenty-foot spire for cameras, radars, radios, lights and other sensors. The architectural aluminum mast is hinged at the base and at its mid-point for easy installation and lowering of the payload for ground access. The Catapult20 is a stiff and stable platform for modern camera analytics and radar targeting. Its large based and tapered shape with deep multi-faceted construction is strong and the mast is lightweight enough to let a single person walk-it-up and erect the platform without the payload. 




              Wearable Wi-Fi Camera

              The VIEVU² from VIEVU is a wearable Wi-Fi video camera designed for prosumers and other professional workforce users. The rugged and compact device can be work on a belt, lapel, pocket or other places where a bulkier camera does not fit. VIEVU² is rated for waterproof operation (IPX5), and is encased in military-grade anodized aluminum housing for durability. VIEVU² also features a proven law enforcement “one switch” design for quick activation even while wearing gloves. The LED indicator displays the status of the camera and the square design allows for simple clip rotation for easy attachment to clothing.


                Spectronics Corp.



                The DeGERM-inator™ UV-5D portable ultraviolet sanitizer from Spectronics Corp. uses short-wave UV (germicidal) light that is designed to destroy or render harmless a wide range of disease-causing bacteria and viruses in seconds. The device has been proven to sanitize cell phones, toilet seats, computer devices, and other commonly contaminated surfaces.


                  Ultrasonic sensor

                  MEASUREMENT SENSOR

                  SICK's new UM30-2 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensors feature a new EasyTouch display and keypad that are designed to enable easier setup, configuration, and access to advanced problem-solving features. These sensors are ideal for detection and distance measurement applications, such as roll diameter control, level control, clear bottle detection, and collision avoidance.

                    Q3 Innovations LLC

                    alcohol test

                    ALCOHOL TESTER

                    Distributed by Q3 Innovations LLC, the new AlcoHAWK® One Test is a low-cost, disposable, handheld alcohol tester that has recently obtained FDA 510(k) Pre-Market Notification clearance. The user blows through the tube and a color indicates whether the breath sample is at or above the BAC testing level of the unit.