Grace Industries

Notification System

Notification System

A Grace Industries real-time immediate notification system will alert you within seconds of a panic or motion-sensing alarm. The device is wireless with a rugged IP67. It is intrinsically safe and includes motion sensing alarms without the subscription fees.  It satisfies the employers responsibility regarding OSHA 1915.84(a) and 1915.84(a)(1) for workers working alone. Safety plans should consider the lone worker. Booth 1609

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    Air Systems International Inc.

    Axial Fan

    Axial Fan

    The 12 inch Axial fan from Air Systems International is a rugged, lightweight polyethylene fan designed to accommodate to a variety of applications as well as demanding job site conditions at an economical price. The fan is cCSAus certified for electrical outdoor use in all weather. It includes a 1 HP TEFC motor, 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 6 custom engineered fan blades, and a 10 foot power cord with US GFI plug. It weighs 26 lbs. Booth 907

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      ThermoFisher Scientific Inc.

      Portable Chemical Analyzer

      Portable Chemical Analyzer

      The Thermo Scientific Gemini analyzer integrates complementary and confirmatory chemical identification techniques in a rugged, handheld instrument. Building upon the Thermo Scientific TruDefender (FTIR) and FirstDefender (Raman) product lines, the Gemini analyzer requires minimal training and is easy to use. Gemini’s lightweight design makes it ideal for chemical response personnel, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians and other responders burdened with heavy equipment for lengthy missions. Booth 1737

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        Streamlight Inc.

        Knucklehead Flood and Spot lights

        Streamlight’s Knucklehead® HAZ-LO® Flood and Spot lights are two safety-approved models designed for use in explosive or hazardous environments. Featuring a Class 1, Division 1 safety rating, these hand-held, rechargeable work lights offer the latest in C4® LED technology, a 210-degree articulating head, and a removable magnet. Both are available with either an integrated storable hang hook or clip. Booth 3657


          Blackline GPS

          Loner Bridge System

          The Loner Bridge System from Blackline GPS is made up of a person-worn safety monitoring device and a satellite/cellular base station. The person-worn Loner 900 device is a class I, division I IS device that monitors a worker’s ongoing safety. Loner Bridge is a portable base station that communications with multiple Loner 900 devices through a 900 MHz radio link, providing dual mode satellite and cellular communications. Booth 1950


            Brady Corp.


            Shadow Boards

            Brady’s new durable shadow boards improve workplace organization and reduce non-value-added time by indicating where equipment, tools and janitorial supplies belong with professional-looking graphics. The shadow boards feature protected graphics printed on the back and sealed with a water-resistant coating to withstand frequent tool use, washdowns and temperatures up to 140 degrees F. The transparent, ¼-inch-thick thermoplastic material (polyethylene terephthalate) is laminate-free to avoid peeling and bacteria collection—a concern in many processing environments. 


              PYI, Inc.

              Clamp Jacket

              The Clamp Jacket from PYI, Inc. is a device that is designed to slide over the tail end of a hose clamp. This provides a safe working environment anywhere a hose clamp is installed, which results in less employee downtime by preventing injury in the first place. Made of EPDM rubber, the Clamp Jacket is very durable and holds up well when exposed to grease and oils. Clamp Jackets come in ½” and 5/16” and can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (steam up to 400 degrees). Clamp Jackets are ribbed on the inside to provide a tighter grip onto the hose clamp and have an extended tail to help align the Clamp Jacket in order to easily slip over the hose clamp tail.




                High Bay LED

                Dialight now offers the SafeSite® LED High Bay. At 125 lumens per Watt (LPW), the SafeSite LED High provides up to 26,500 delivered fixture lumens and backed by Dialight’s 10-year full-performance warranty. Featuring Dialight’s in-house designed power supply, LED technology and advanced optical design, the new SafeSite LED High Bay marks a step forward in the future of energy efficiency for industrial environments. The 100-277VAC SafeSite LED High Bay is rated to operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 degrees C to +65 degrees C and boasts a T5 temperature rating at 50 degrees C. 




                  Wireless, Digital Switches

                  STEUTE has introduced a group of wireless, industrial-grade digital switches and sensors to its product line. These include limit, magnetic, inductive, foot,-operated, pull-wire, pushbutton, selector, and key-operated designs. Contact types feature an internal energy generator for battery-less operation. Non-contact types feature long-life batteries. Designed to operate at 915 MHz, each is c CSA us, FCC and IC-certified. With a life expectancy in excess of one million operations, and an IP65 rating these units are ideal for machinery, material handling, chemical processing, painting, packaging, food processing and other industrial applications.


                    Energy Access, Inc.

                    energy access inc

                    Charger Platform

                    The Energy Access, Inc. SBS-4002 charger platform allows the user to charge two batteries simultaneously and allows for recalibration in both bays of the charger. The device is a two bay, level-3 standalone battery charger that is compliant with the standard Smart Battery System. It can charge any type of battery chemistry pack that adheres to the System Management Bus (SMBus) specifications. The two bays are charged simultaneously, and a discharge can be optionally performed in either bay for automatic recalibration of fuel gauges. The SBS-4002 can provide a maximum charge current of 4000mA to each bay.