Brady Corp.

Printer System

Through bi-directional smart cell technology, Brady Corp.'s Brady IP™ Printer System is designed to let printer, material, ribbon, and software communicate together as it visually tracks usage levels and adjusts sensor position. Users can simply load the material and click the software interface to print a variety of labels, tags, and sleeves.

    GOJO Industries Inc.

    Hand Hygiene

    GOJO Industries Inc. introduces the GOJO Hand Hygiene Program total germ-fighting solution for office buildings. The program combines PURELL instant hand sanitizer with GOJO hand cleaners and is designed to address some of the high-visibility issues facilities, professionals, and building operators must deal with, such as restroom hygiene, cross-contamination, and more.

      Quest Technologies Inc.

      Heat Stress Monitors

      Quest Technologies has added the QUESTemp° 44 and 46 to its portable, heat stress instrumentation series. These instruments are designed to evaluate indoor and outdoor environmental conditions for the potential to cause heat stress or heat-related injuries. Their Waterless Wet Bulb sensor offers traditional heat stress monitoring without the maintenance.

        Pelican Products Inc.

        Remote Lighting

        Pelican™ Products Inc.'s Advanced Area Lighting Group has rolled out the portable, efficient, and powerful 9460 and 9470 Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS). Pelican's line of area lighting systems is backed by a lifetime guarantee and is designed to provide convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives to wasteful generator-powered lights.

          G-Raff Systems

          Tank Truck Loading

          The INSTA-RACK from G-Raff Systems, a division of Benko Products Inc., is designed for safe access to the tops of railroad tank cars, hopper cars, and tank trucks. The unit features a single pedestal platform with access stairway and access equipment for easy installation and an overall low cost.

            American Society of Concrete Contractors

            Safety Plan Tool

            The American Society of Concrete Contractors has published the Safety Management Plan, which is designed to be customized by contractors to serve as a company's complete safety program. Available in a three-ring, tabbed binder or on a CD, the plan covers basic policy statements, safety responsibilities, inspections, accident investigation, and more.

              Lincoln Electric Co.

              Upgraded Mig Welders

              The Lincoln Electric Co. has upgraded two of its Power MIG® machines. The Power MIG 215XT is now spool-gun ready, making it more cost effective in the welder/spool gun package class. The Power MIG 255XT comes standard with timer functions--including a four-step interlock, spot mode, adjustable run-in speed--for increased welding control.

                Capital Safety

                Wireless Tracking

                Capital Safety's i-Safe 2.0 upgrade is designed to make managing a safety program even easier and more cost effective. Engineered in response to customer feedback, the wireless data collection system consists of a Web portal for easy information management and a mobile device for on-site inspections.

                  Westcott Distribution Inc.

                  High-Performance Pump

                  Westcott Distribution Inc.'s GoatThroat Pumps have been certified to meet stringent, new worldwide regulations aimed at reducing or eliminating materials that are hazardous to the environment. The pump uses high-performance materials, including Moplen polypropylene from Basel, Viton ® from Dupont, and Santoprene from Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES).

                    Pelican Products Inc.

                    Rechargeable Light

                    Pelican™ Products Inc. introduces the rechargeable 8060 LED duty/tactical flashlight, featuring a Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery that offers four hours of peak (6-hours total) burn time. Also it's efficient LED technology allows the light to blast 190 lumens of clean, bright light.