Hearing Protection



The new Sperian Radio Hi-Visibility Earmuff has a 25 noise reduction rating (NRR) and integrates an AM/FM radio. This noise-blocking muff with bright green ear cups and a reflective headband for improved protection includes patented Air Flow Control™ technology and a new AUX input jack that allows wearers to connect external audio devices, including MP3 players. Booth 604.

    Casella USA


    Casella's CEL-350 dBadge Micro Noise Dosimeter is designed to provide all of the power of larger dosimeters in a smaller, lighter package that is similar in size to a modern flip phone. Providing simultaneous measurements with 5 dB and 3 dB exchange rates, the datalogging device has a built-in cable-less microphone and can provide for any combination of settings in every measurement. Booth 1633.

      E-A-R® an Aearo Technologies® company


      E-A-R's new Push-Ins™ ComforTip™ combines the simple insertion design of the original patented Push-Ins concept with a soft canal tip with no inner stem. Its push-in style eliminates the hassle of rolling down ear plugs for fitting and reduces chances of hand-to-ear contamination associated with roll-down plugs. The plugs have an NRR of 26 dB. Free samples are available. Booth 1028.

        Larson Davis Inc.


        All Larson Davis Spark® series of personal Noise Dosimeters and the SoundTrack LxT® Sound Level Meter offer automatic calculation of Noise Dose and Time-Weighted Average noise levels, as well as maximum and peak exposure levels, which are required to meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard A10.46-2007.

          Moldex-Metric Inc.


          Moldex-Metric's new formulation of Rocket® brand reusable ear plug has a higher NRR of 27 as a result of a new sound dampening additive. The plugs are known for their easy grip handle, which allows for easy insertion. The air bubble in the tip provides cushioned comfort.

            TASCO Corp.


            TASCO's three sided Tri-Grip ear plug has a unique, natural feel that is engineered to provide positive grip for superior insertion and fit. The one-size-fits-all plug's "half sphere," triple-flange design picks up all contours of the inner ear and produces a comfortable, low-pressure fit. The device is available with or without a cord and as fully metal detectable.

              TASCO Corp.


              TASCO introduces the Nextera? ear muff. The device was tested in an NVLAP accredited facility and features a four-point articulating cup and a hand-sewn pillow headband combined with TASCO's next-generation ear cup and foam technology to provide an independently certified 30 decibel NRR.