Hearing Protection

Extech Instruments

Sound Monitor

Extech Instruments' new SL130 Sound Level Monitor features both internal alarm illumination and external alarm output. Designed for worker safety compliance, the monitor is ideal for industrial environments--such as factories, plants, refineries, and mills--where there is a need to generate an alert when sound levels exceed a pre-set limit.

    Howard Leight

    Attenuation Study

    A recent field attenuation study by Howard Leight's Acoustical Laboratory found that one-on-one training is the most significant factor in predicting good ear plug performance. Of the more than 100 workers tested, one-third achieved attenuations higher than the published NRR for their ear plugs.

      Moldex-Metric Inc.

      Ear Plug Kit

      Moldex-Metric Inc.'s One-Stop PlugShop® Starter Kit now offers one Pura-Fit® PlugStation® with 250 pairs of ear plugs, one Goin' Green® PlugStation® with 250 pairs of ear plugs, and one SparkPlugs® PlugStation® with 250 pairs of ear plugs. The change also comes with a new Moldex product number: 0604.

        Special Electronics & Design Inc./RESCOM Sales Inc.

        High-Noise Headsets

        Special Electronics & Design Inc./RESCOM Sales Inc.®'s two new headsets are ideal for use with a WiFi® handset, PDA, cell phone, or computer. Designed specifically for high-noise industrial environments, the devices provide 24 dB noise reduction and can connect directly to a USB port or a 2.5 mm handheld headset plug.

          Howard Leight

          Dielectric Hearing Protection

          Incorporating high-visibility ear cups, reflective headbands, and a dielectric construction, Howard Leight's Thunder® T2HV Hi-Visibility ear muffs are designed to provide hearing protection and visibility in electrical environments. With an NRR of 28 (Canada Class A (L)), the muffs use Air Flow Control™ technology to provide optimal attenuation across all frequencies.

            Scantek, Inc.

            Noise Mapping

            Scantek Inc.'s latest product from DataKustik is the CadnaA 64-bit environmental noise prediction program. Designed to increase the total data volume that can be processed by a factor of 4 million, the program allows noise maps of entire countries or large-area, detailed, 1-by-1 meter grids to be calculated fast and conveniently.

              Howard Leight

              Sound Amplifcation Muff

              Howard Leight's new ultra slim sound amplification Impact™ Sport ear muff is specifically designed for use in intermittent and impact noise environments. The muff incorporates high-tech, patented electronics that amplify ambient sounds up to a safe 82 dBA, while at the same time providing NRR 22 protection against hazardous noise.

                Howard Leight

                Ear Muff Accessories

                Howard Leight, from Sperian Hearing Protection LLC, debuts two new accessories for its ear muff line: the Polar Hood™, designed to be worn with muffs to ensure optimal attenuation for workers exposed to cold climates, and the Slim Belt Clip, designed to provide storage when muffs are not in use.

                  E-A-R® an Aearo Technologies® company

                  Hearing Test System

                  Unlike tone response tests, the new E-A-Rfit™ Validation System from E® is an F-MIRE (field-microphone-in-real-ear) test system that incorporates a dual-element microphone to measure sound inside and outside the ear. In seconds, a personal attenuation rating (PAR) can be obtained in seven standard frequencies (125Hz to 8000Hz).

                    Elvex Corp.

                    EAR PLUG

                    The Elvex Blue™ disposable foam ear plugs have been redesigned for a more tapered shape, making it easier to insert correctly and improving the Noise Reduction Rating to 32 dBA. The high-visibility blue color makes it easier to monitor compliance, and its softer foam enhances comfort.