SKC Inc.


Noise Monitors

SKC introduces the SKC NoiseCHEK personal dosimeter, SoundCHEK Essential and Connect sound level meters, and AcoustiCHEK Calibrator. All are designed for ease and reliable value with features from essential to advanced. Perform easy, accurate workplace assessments and environmental monitoring with SKC -- quality and service you trust. Learn more at

    TenCate Protective Fabrics


    Tecasafe One

    Tecasafe® One from TenCate Protective Fabrics offers extremely breathable, inherent FR performance that's affordable for the masses. Engineered for comfort, the patent-pending weave structure is engineered with soft, next-to-skin fibers on the interior of the fabric, and durable, protective fibers on the outside of the fabric. Tecasafe® One also outperforms the competition in breathability, moisture wicking, and weight without significantly impacting your wallet. Welcome to the New Era of IFR For All. Tecasafe® One—only from TenCate Protective Fabrics. Learn more at


      CarbonX FR PPE for COVID-19

      CarbonX FR PPE for COVID-19

      TheCarbonX®Defender Masks protect against exposure to thermal hazards and COVID-19 like no other face mask on the market. With an outer shell of CarbonX non-flammable fabric and an interior layer of non-woven filtration media, the Defender Masks are highly protective as well as comfortable and reusable.

      Email [email protected] for more information.

        Kee Safety

        Kwik Kit Safety Railing Kits

        Kwik Kit Safety Railing Kits from Kee Safety allow you to create a sturdy railing system with no welding or threading. Uprights are pre-assembled, so installation is fast and easy using a standard hex tool. By implementing a combination of our kits, you can achieve any standard railing configuration. Each OSHA-compliant kit covers 12 linear feet with additional 6-foot extension kits available.

          Sensidyne, LP

          Gilian Gilibrator 3

          The Gilian Gilibrator 3 air sampling primary calibrator from Sensidyne offers the very best in performance and convenience. This revolutionary, modular product is a 3-in-1 dry cell calibrator that utilizes 3 interchangeable flow cells in one package—low, standard, and high—or it can be customized to meet your needs. With a bright, OLED touch-screen display, the Gilibrator 3 provides best-in-class performance. Sophisticated, easy-to-follow software exports stored calibration data and generates reports. StablFlow technology provides constant low back-pressure to the device being calibrated. Sensidyne is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory.

            Intertek Alchemy

            Mobile Coach App

            Engage your employees with Intertek Alchemy’s training solutions! Access hundreds of customizable safety courses, in multiple languages, geared toward frontline workers. Simplify on-the-job observations for your supervisors with our mobile Coach app. Stay audit-ready with automated documentation and reporting. Build a strong culture that drives safety, quality, and productivity with Intertek Alchemy.


              R.A.C.E. Station

              LION introduces the new R.A.C.E. Station, which features an interactive smartphone and pull alarm. Practice dialing 9-1-1 or pulling an alarm during your emergency response training. Realistic sights and sounds recreate the stressful environment of an actual emergency. Train where emergencies occur—the break room, shop floor or local school.


                Superior Glove

                4PRO Impact-Resistant Goat-Grain Driver Gloves

                Featuring Superior Glove’s proprietary 4PRO back-of-hand top-level impact protection—which protects without impeding flexibility or durability—as well as several other top-rated safety features in an incredibly comfortable goat-grain package, the new 4PRO Impact-Resistant Goat-Grain Driver Gloves with Oilbloc do more than offer a “me-too” ANSI Level 3 impact-resistant glove—they redefine the entire category. Start a free trial at your workplace and see for yourself!



                  SafeLead is a dynamic training course for supervisors that offers practical communication skills and actionable knowledge on using human factors to engage employees and reduce injuries. With Safestart’s course, supervisors are taught to competently assess for a variety of hazards, encourage more near-miss reporting, and anticipate human error. Team leaders with SafeLead training will be better prepared to identify safety issues, increase the number and reliability of leading indicators, and improve safety outcomes for their employees and the entire organization.



                    Impacto’s TurboToes Steel Toe Overshoes offer outstanding protection from impact, crushing, or stubbing injuries. Made of flexible, pliable PVC. Treads under sole to prevent slipping and help direct liquid away from the foot. They can be comfortably worn over low-feel, dress and running shoes as well as most boots. TurboToes are ideal for any working environments that carry a risk of toe damage or has a steel toe cap requirement. Perfect for visitors, casual or temporary workers, management clerical staff, and salespeople. Steel toe cap meets Impact and Compression Resistance 75lb Rating per ASTM F2412-18/F2413-17.

                      Gas Clip Technologies

                      Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus

                      Multi-gas detection is now simpler and safer than ever with the Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus by Gas Clip Technologies, the first multi-gas detector that operates for three years continuously with no charging or calibration necessary. Reliably test for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and combustible gases (LEL) 24/7, even in oxygen-deficient environments. It fails to safe and comes with three-year warranty. Let us help solve your gas detection needs with a simple solution.



                        Surface Safe Sign Labels

                        Customize and print durable adhesive signs on-site using your desktop laser or inkjet printer, or let us print them for you. Avery Surface Safe Sign Labels stick securely, yet remove cleanly from surfaces like metal, wood, glass and painted walls. The polyester film signs are resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion and tearing. Access hundreds of free templates including OSHA/ANSI compliant signs, and new hand washing and germ prevention designs.

                          TSI Inc.

                          QUESTemp Heat Stress Monitors

                          QUESTemp Heat Stress Monitors from TSI Incorporated quickly and accurately evaluate potential heat stress environments. These instruments deliver high-performance monitoring using Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) sensing technology, the standard for heat stress management, and the calculation of a WBGT Index value. Our monitors allow you to eliminate daily maintenance. Convenient stay time parameters per multiple standards help determine work-rest ratios, and IP 54 ingress rating helps protect units from exposure to dirt, dust, oil, and water. Our monitors withstand the rigors of everyday use in demanding environments, providing reliable monitoring throughout the life of the product.



                            Innovative engineering and automation has allowed Moldex to create Alphas—a superior reusable earplug at a very competitive price. Give workers the protection they need and the comfort they deserve, all while lowering your overall hearing protection program costs. Alphas’ high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR 27dB) provides protection for most noisy environments. All Moldex hearing protectors are independently tested to ANSI S3.19-1974 by an independent, accredited laboratory, so users can be confident in the protection they are getting, when worn properly. Never settle for manufacturer-tested NRRs!

                              Magid Glove & Safety Mfg. Co. LLC


                              Magid’s first-to-market innovation, AeroDex, is a lightweight shell technology that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before! AeroDex delivers incredibly lightweight cut resistance that is over 50 percent lighter than comparable cut-resistant materials. That kind of comfort and dexterity keeps your people wearing their PPE and working efficiently. This cool, flexible, ultra-lightweight technology is available in a cut A4 polyurethane coated glove, a cut A5 foam nitrile coated glove, and now even comes in a cut A6 sleeve!


                                Bradley Corp.

                                Keltech Tankless Tempering Systems

                                Bradley’s Keltech Tankless Tempering Systems, featuring CLE and SNA series electric tankless water heaters, deliver dependable, precise and on-demand ANSI/ISEA required tepid water to emergency safety showers and eye/face washes. CLE and SNA models feature lower pressure drops for providing greater reliability and performance in supplying tepid water quickly and efficiently.


                                  Columbia Southern University

                                  Degree Programs for Occupational Safety and Health

                                  The Board of Certified Safety Professionals recognizes Columbia Southern University’s bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in occupational safety and health as Qualified Academic Programs. QAP graduates may apply for the Graduate Safety Practitioner designation. This designation eliminates the need to sit for the ASP exam prior to becoming a Certified Safety Professional.  

                                    Grace Industries

                                    WorkForce Fall Detection

                                    WorkForce Fall Detection worker worn devices from Grace Industries use an advanced gyro/accelerometer to detect a fall and automatically transmit an emergency alarm without any action required by the worker. WorkForce 1 Buddy Package monitors a co-worker with an audio and vibrating alarm. WorkForce 2 Supervisor Package combines WorkForce 1 and 2 devices to display multiple workers with in-door location used with the Grace Locator Beacon and outdoor location when used with optional GPS and Grace Advanced monitoring systems. WorkForce Portable Worksite Alarm is an optional monitor used on job sites, as well as, confined space applications.

                                      SKC Inc.

                                      NoiseCHEK Personal Dosimeter

                                      Introducing a level of ease in noise monitoring that was unheard of until now. The SKC NoiseCHEK personal dosimeter is designed for easy use and reliable value, providing more data and versatility than any dosimeter on the market. SKC SoundCHEK sound level meters provide exactly what you need for easy workplace noise assessments and environmental monitoring. Whether you need an essential tool or advanced features, intuitive SKC SoundCHEK Essential and SoundCHEK Connect have you covered. SKC Noise instruments give you a direct line to the SKC team of expert Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists and the quality and service you trust.



                                        Electrical Safety Courses

                                        Want the industry-leading electrical safety training without the expense of our expert coming to your site? e-Hazard offers streaming and DVD options to meet your electrical safety training needs. Our electrical safety experts have walked in your shoes. We understand that if it’s not practical, it’s not applicable. With our expert-led training courses, we don’t just teach you textbook definitions; we teach you how to stay safe in the real world.