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Flowflex™ SARS-CoV-2 Emergency Use Authorized Antigen Home Test

Flowflex™ SARS-CoV-2 Emergency Use Authorized Antigen Home Test

Flowflex™ is a rapid test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in anterior nasal specimens within 7 days of symptom onset or without any symptoms. This test is easy to use, accurate and is EUA for self-testing or home use. Only single test is required.

Accuracy is 99.3% (97.5%-99.9%) 95% Confidence Intervals 

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    Blackline Safety

    Protection of Your Most Valuable Resource

    Protection of Your Most Valuable Resource. Your People.

    No one has the oil and gas industry covered better than Blackline. With a suite of the most technologically advanced gas detection products on the market, combined with software displaying a workers’ wellbeing in real-time, Blackline gives you a connected safety ecosystem with unmatched visibility into your workforce and your worksite.

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      Gas Clip Technologies

      The MGC Simple & MGC Simple+

      The MGC Simple & MGC Simple+

      The MGC Simple and MGC Simple+ have continuous run times of two years and three years respectively. Additionally, after being charged and calibrated during manufacturing, neither detector requires recharging or routine calibration, although bump testing before every use is advised. These detectors identify the presence and level of hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and combustible gases.

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        Gas Clip Technologies

        Single Gas Clip: Orange is the New Yellow

        Single Gas Clip: Orange is the New Yellow

        In 2022, the Single Gas Clip from Gas Clip Technologies will be going orange. However, it will still have all the same great features you know and love—top-of-the-line sensor reliability, adjustable alarm set points, a programmable six-digit detector ID code and a two-year battery life. It also comes in three different versions—SGC O2, SGC H2S and SGC CO.

          LIFE Corporation

          LIFE Saving Emergency Oxygen

          Save lives by using the LIFE SoftPac emergency oxygen unit to administer supplemental oxygen safely and effectively during life-threatening emergencies. When someone needs oxygen and EMS is several minutes away, the chance of survival can be low. In an emergency like this - every second counts. The LIFE SoftPac can be the difference between life and death. With a 40-minute supply at 6LPM this is becoming a staple to have in stores, offices, factories, and more. Don’t wait for an emergency, be prepared with LIFE emergency oxygen.

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            AccuFIT9000 PRO

            The AccuTec-IHS AccuFIT9000 PRO is OSHA, ANSI, CSA and HSE compliant. It runs OSHA’s streamlined 2019 CNC protocol with fit test times of less than three minutes. It can operate in freestanding mode or with PC/tablet, running four tests simultaneously with individual start/stop control. The model tests ALL tight-fitting respirators, including series 95, 99, 100, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

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              Westex: A Milliken Brand

              Polartec FR Collection

              Westex: A Milliken Brand and Polartec have joined forces to introduce the Polartec FR Collection—a versatile range of FR/AR knits certified for nine-to-five with overtime comfort. A collaboration between two category-leading brands, this collection introduces three unbelievably lightweight and breathable Polartec fabric constructions engineered with superior Westex FR/AR fabric technology. Trusted FR protection is built directly into the fiber for fabrics that feel better and guarantee performance for the life of the garment. Stop by booth 2124 at NSC or download the Westex App to learn more about the collection.

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                OraSure Technologies


                Meet the InteliSwab by OraSure, the COVID-19 rapid test and 2021 OH&S New Product of the Year for Infectious Disease Control. InteliSwab was designed with the consumer in mind. InteliSwab is so remarkably simple and user-friendly; it can be used anytime and anywhere. With less than one minute of hands-on time, InteliSwab  makes testing remarkably simple. Just swab, swirl and see results in minutes. It’s so simple, 98 percent of users found InteliSwab easy to use. With variants spreading, and frequent mass testing becoming more essential than ever, InteliSwab fills this critical need in all settings. InteliSwab is available now for OTC, Rx and professional use.

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                  Magid Glove & Safety Mfg. Co. LLC


                  MAGID introduces AeroDex. It is a first to market lightweight shell technology that is over 50 percent lighter, with the same cut protection as a comparable Cut A4. The flexibility and dexterity AeroDex provides means that workers can perform jobs that require extreme tactile sensitivity without removing their gloves. Plus, AeroDex is specially engineered to make your hands feel cooler than a comparable cut resistant glove. This kind of comfort and dexterity is what keeps the gloves on the hands and keeps your people working efficiently.

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                    Streamlight Inc.

                    Vulcan 180 HAZ-LO

                    Streamlight introduces the Vulcan 180 HAZ-LO: A Class 1, Division 1 safety-rated lantern for use in hazardous environments. Lightweight and compact, it features a triangular-shaped face cap and rotating head that tilts 180 degrees, and uses three white power LEDs for extreme brightness. Three deep-dish parabolic reflectors produce a tight spot beam to aid in navigation, while two ultra-bright blue LEDs illuminate the lantern’s taillights. It delivers 400 lumens, 25,000 candelas, a 10-hour run time on high and offers a 24-hour run time on low. Powered by a rechargeable 7.8Ahr lithium-ion battery, it fully recharges in 15 hours.

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                      The Safety Knife Company

                      Safety Knives

                      The Safety Knife Company LLC has developed a quality range of safety knives for all industries. Designed so that fingers cannot get to the blades, these knives will safely cut through cardboard, tape, strapping, shrink or plastic wrap or a variety of other packing materials. Because these knives have no exposed blades and only cut cardboard deep, they will not only protect employees against lacerations, but they will also save product.

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                        PAM Diabetic Insole

                        MEGAComfort introduces its PAM Diabetic Insole. It is ergonomically designed by a Podiatrist, using a unique triple layer technology consisting of patented high-density dual layer 100 percent memory foam and EVA top layer. PAM Diabetic Insole provides maximum shock comfort and unique pressure distribution that helps relieves pressure from sensitive areas. PAM Square Toe Insole is ergonomically designed by a Podiatrist, as well, using a patented combination of high-density dual layer 100 percent memory foam.  It is clinically proven and field-tested to reduce pain and fatigue while increasing balance and comfort with a square format to fit all square toe footwear.

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                          Electrical Vehicle Electrical Safety

                          e-Hazard presents Electrical Vehicle (EV) Electrical Safety. This 12-hour class focuses on training electricians, mechanics and diesel mechanics transferring to EV technology. This course will cover the most up-to-date safety information available as pertains to direct current (DC) voltage and on-board-generated AC-power from inverters. A hands-on demonstration of skills is a key component of the course, so this course will be offered as an on-site/in-person course only. The hands-on portion will include, but not be limited to, meter usage, PPE selection, electrical safety boundary set-up and basic troubleshooting.

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                            TouchFree EcoStation

                            Moldex is proud to present its TouchFree EcoStation, the first ever touch free solution for earplug dispensing. Access to hearing protection has never been easier. Simply place your hand under the automatic dispenser, and a pair of earplugs will drop right into your palm. With the TouchFree EcoStation in your corner, you can eliminate touch points and choose a greener, cleaner workplace for all. The battery operated TouchFree EcoStation has a built-in sensor that recognizes when a hand is underneath and dispenses a pair of earplugs. Bring increased hygiene to earplug dispensing with TouchFree EcoStation.

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